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    witchcraft, tarot, creepy things, horror, Halloween, bad movies, goth, tattoos, piercings
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    tarot card reading, crystal collecting, writing, crocheting
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    The Smiths, The Cure, Gorillaz, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, The Cliks, Joy Division, Descendants, Placebo, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cramps, Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson
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    Tera, Rift, The Sims (2&3), The Binding of Isaac
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    Secular Witch
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    I practice witchcraft but do not follow nor believe in a god. My practice is entirely my own. I firmly and strongly believe in reincarnation. I believe we all have souls and cannot control who or where we are incarnated as.

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    Bobcat, unsure about other kintypes
  1. Let's see your pictures!

    Lol! Thank you?
  2. What sort of pets do you have? {Image Heavy}

    I have a bunny named Noodle! She's a sweetheart, though this picture is two months old and she's gotten much bigger.
  3. Let's see your pictures!

    I dyed my hair orange today and this is a picture immediately after.
  4. Let's see your pictures!

    @Starborn You are absolutely gorgeous! oh my! I wish I had a decent picture of myself to post.
  5. The genie game

    Granted, but you won't remember why you went back when you use it. I wish movie magic was real.
  6. Word fun

  7. Word fun

  8. Word fun

  9. Bernie Sanders is my ideal choice for president. I really like everything he stands for. He has a pretty good shot at being president if everyone who wants to vote for him does.
  10. Where O Where Could Thoust Be??

    While I don't personally worship any deities I have in the past and have begun to feel a bit of a pull as well. Perhaps you should do research into Scottish and Irish mythology and see if there's any deities that draw to you.
  11. What MMOs Do You Play?

    I really like TERA and Rift. I'm really picky about the MMOs I play and those are the ones I've found that I like. edit: I also played WoW for a little while before realizing my computer wasn't handling it well. I'd like to get into it again once I get a better computer.
  12. Word fun

  13. Word fun

  14. Word fun

  15. Word fun