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    reading & writing, wolves, zoology, weaponry, mythology, animism, cryptozoology, autumn, the ocean, Farscape, pirates, Gaelic, Latin, Otherkin, theatre, writing, drawing, Ireland/Scotland...
  • Hobbies
    scuba diving, Ren Faire, hiking, swimming, watching TV, reading...
  • Favorite Music
    classic rock, rockabilly, Jimmy Buffett, Bette Midler, nature sounds
  • Favorite Books & Authors
    The 10th Kingdom by Kathryn Wesley; The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher; The Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher; anything by Brandon Sanderson
  • Favorite Movies & TV Shows
    Farscape, Firefly, Frasier, Penny Dreadful, Grimm, Leverage, Castle, Being Human (both versions), Merlin, Dr. Quinn, Lost Girl, Community,
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    D&D, Halo, Lazer Tag, Egyptian Rat-Screw


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    Eli, Nox, Noxy, E
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    Wolf, Aquatic Fae
  • Time of Awakening
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    Mental Shifting
    Dream Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
    Aura Shifting
    Sensory Shifting
    Astral Shifting
    Bi-Location Shifting
    Cameo Shifting
  • Shifting Triggers
    I experience voluntary shifts.
    I experience emotionally-provoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience unprovoked involuntary shifts.
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli.
  • Vampirism
    Not a vampire
  • Plural System
  • Kintype Description
    I identify as a hybrid: a cross between a wolf (Canis lupus ligoni) and an aquatic fae/mermaid. I experience phantom limbs and depending on the situation, am more wolf minded or more aquatic minded. I have noticed a pattern of me being more wolfy during the autumn/winter months and more ocean creature during the spring/summer months. I use the term 'hybrid' because I am both at the same time, as strange as that sounds. However, I experience each creature an a unique entity as well. For example, when I'm feeling more in a wolf mindset, a mild mental shift as I call it, the urge to chase prey and the drive to act wolf-like does not have any effect on me being drawn to the sea. The two are distinct, yet both make up my personal identity as a seawolf. If you have specific questions, I am more than happy to try explaining my beliefs more in depth via PM.
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I came to the larger Otherkin community back in 2008 and still run the forum/website Otherkin Phenomenon today.
  • Religion
    Eclectic Wiccan
  • Personal Spirituality
    I was raised UCC Protestant but I've come to call myself an eclectic Wiccan that draws from animism, totemism, Druidry and Wicca all mixed together. I don't follow a specific pantheon, but have found that reaching out to individual deities has worked best for me.
  1. Also, the band Tricky Pixie. Each of the band members also does standalone music like SJ Tucker. And a lot of their stuff, both together and individually, is 'kin-related like Creature of the Wood, Were-Owl, Girl with the Lion's Tail, etc.
  2. In addition to Of Wolf and Men by Metallica for wolves, there's Wolfen One by Heather Alexander. The song talks about joining as one and an inner wolf.
  3. WitchVox has some interesting articles. There's enough free content there that could keep you busy for days!
  4. More positive portrayals of pagans please!
  5. The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes. Here's the official description from Amazon: "Loch is seeking revenge. It would help if she wasn’t in jail. The plan: to steal a priceless elven manuscript that once belonged to her family, but now is in the hands of the most powerful man in the Republic. To do so Loch—former soldier, former prisoner, current fugitive—must assemble a crack team of magical misfits that includes a cynical illusionist, a shapeshifting unicorn, a repentant death priestess, a talking magical warhammer, and a lad with seemingly no skills to help her break into the floating fortress of Heaven’s Spire and the vault that holds her family’s treasure—all while eluding the unrelenting pursuit of Justicar Pyvic, whose only mission is to see the law upheld. What could possibly go wrong?"
  6. There hasn't been nearly the same amount of outpouring of support and interest as with the women's march. I wonder why? I'm interested, but the downside for me is that I hate large crowds of humans as they make me extremely anxious. :/
  7. So the Berks/Lancaster County area? I grew up in Robesonia, Berks County. Now I live near Hershey. ;)

    1. ravenwings111


      Oh that's where you are. I live in Colmar, in Montgomery County

  8. Where abouts? I'm in central PA. ;)
  9. Both sides of my family have lived in central PA for over 250 years. :P
  10. I made a pledge to Hekate as well, although not an ancient oath but a personal one. I've never pledged myself to another deity either. Breaking that pledge would be dishonorable and unless there would be some massively important reason to do so, I don't see why I would. There's nothing in the oath though preventing me from working with other deities though.
  11. Serving sounds more like bound specifically to said deity, whereas following seems more that the individual chose to work with said deity. Perhaps servitude is mandatory whereas following is optional?
  12. Anything with magical creatures!
  13. They made a McGonagall wand? Cripes, that's cool! I was gifted my wand (which is actually Hermione's) as a wedding present from my sister-in-law who's a huge Potter fan.
  14. I've only recently begun working with Hekate, so I can't comment much on that, accept that I think she's been watching over me for much longer. There were signs, which I only noticed in hindsight, but now that I recognize them it's like 'duh!'. I tried reaching out to specific deities before and had only middling success with responses. I've worked with other deities, but none as closely as I am now with Hekate. However, it's not in the context of experiences with past life deities. Hekate, and the others I've worked with, have been very much 'now/current time deities' for me. I do believe I had a past life deity though, I just haven't worked with her much in this life. Now though, I can see similarities with Hekate so they could be one and the same. And @Shezep's suggestions earlier in this thread are fantastic! :D