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    Transgender (F→M)
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    Warrior Cats, Lord of the Rings, Twilight Saga
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    Valerian, Vale, Ada, Ada'i
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    September 30th, 2015
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  1. I know a lot of the time when we listen to music we find some songs that fit the "theme" of our kintypes and automatically think of it when we hear the song. An example would be how elves would be more related to fantasy or Celtic music, so if you were kin with an elf you'd probably think of that when listening to that genre of music. Most of the time you wouldn't think that an elf would be linked to heavy metal. That's what this thread is for. What "out of the ordinary" or "odd" songs remind you of your kintype? Mine would be Only Getting Younger by Elliphant ft. Skrillex, more so for the beat of the song than the actual words. I tried to find a clean version, but it was hard. Lol
  2. Colors that don't mix

    Any type of neon colors with anything that isn't black, OR straight hex color codes. (#0000ff or #ff1500) They're AWFUL. Straight green and blue are awful. Although certain shades of them together aren't that bad, I like nature a lot so the sky and the grass/trees are beautiful. In my computer class, so many of my classmates would make the worst webpages because they had no idea how to actually use colors.
  3. Can we appreciate some faces?

    Here I am! ( I just recently got my hair dyed so I'm no longer emo. ; v ; )
  4. Words that are stuck in your head

    This happens to me sometimes, but most of the time it's dumb words. Computer Preamble McDouble Nature Memes Surprisingly, not too many today.
  5. Reaction Images for Kin/System Daily Life

    When one of the system members has a different opinion than another. Being in a mental shift vs not being in one.
  6. Cosplay Trash

    I usually cosplay elves or demons
  7. image.jpeg

    From the album Cosplay Trash

  8. image.jpeg

    From the album Cosplay Trash

  9. image.jpeg

    From the album Cosplay Trash

  10. image.jpeg

    From the album Cosplay Trash

    Most recent picture of myself <3
  11. Post your artwork

    I'll update my art since that was a really long time ago. I used to used to put my art on DeviantArt, but I find the formatting stupid- so I ended up not uploading. That's why this has so many, sorry for putting a lot on this one. Hah. Disclaimer: I do not allow the usage of my artwork or characters without my permission. [spoiler=Lolol, I have a lot.] DRAWINGS [spoiler=Yoonbum (Big Image / Fictotype)] [spoiler=Yoonbum Full Body (Fictotype)] [spoiler=UsUk (They're just shirtless)] [spoiler=Modern Fenris] [spoiler=Angery Fenris] [spoiler=Furry Halla Fenris] [spoiler=Darcassian Portrait (Headmate / OC)] d [spoiler=Darcassian x Duvainor (Headmates / OCs)] [spoiler=Leviathan Vent Art (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=Innor (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=Elohim Full Body (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=Elohim Human Form (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=Elohim (Headmate / OC)] ANIMATIONS [spoiler=Elf-Like Alistair (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=Idk (OC?)] OLDER ANIMATIONS [spoiler=Halla Fenris] [spoiler=Leviathan Eyes Gif (Headmate / OC)] [spoiler=IMVU DP (Bigger Image)] [spoiler=IMVU DP (Bigger Image)] [spoiler=IMVU DP (Bigger Image)] I would have put other ones, but a majority of my artwork is NSFW, lolol.
  12. [PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Adamar] If you are playing Guitar Hero 3 on a console, you are able to use the controller and mimic the guitar. We are not sure about Guitar Hero 5 and we are not sure if it comes on computer because it is an older game. A guitar controller is recommended if you decide to play on the expert level of difficulty. [/PLURALSYS]
  13. [PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Adamar] We suggest playing any one of the Guitar Hero games that are not Guitar Hero Live, the newest one, if you ever decide to play them. Guitar Hero Live is more complex in our opinion and we don't really care for it. Guitar Hero 3 or 5 are good starters to get into the game. [/PLURALSYS]
  14. [PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Adamar]I enjoy playing Sims 4 a lot, it is fun to attempt to make ourselves in it. Although, Guitar Hero has seemed to perk our interests at the moment. [/PLURALSYS]
  15. God/s you worship

    [PLURALSYS=color_hue=0;Adamar]It depends on who you would be addressing in our system. Each system member has their unique opinions on the subject of religion and gods. As an example, Darcassian is extremely religious in the sense that there is only one god and we must obey that god to get into "Heaven." Other members like myself are agnostic. Some are atheist or worship the inner world's nature, beauty, and planets.[/PLURALSYS]