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  1. This randoml;y came on our Spotify playlist radio thing yesterday and,, I completely forgot how good this is?? <33 its not our usual style but,,
  2. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how anyone even survives with just one person in their head. I would be so lost without Khar! It's just... kind of weird for us to even imagine, haha.
  3. To answer your question from a scientific viewpoint: we can't know for sure how any animal thinks or feels, but human psychology is complex. It's entirely possible for someone to perceive themself as something other than human - and even if there's no factual basis for that, it still has meaning from an introspective and philosophical perspective. However, there are many of us who believe in reincarnation to explain why we identify the way we do. This is, of course, a subjective experience; such beliefs are not shared by every otherkin, and I'm sure we're all well aware that any memories of past lives can only be meaningful when considered alongside other experiences, and must be treated with some level of rational scepticism and questioning. But, at the end of the day... I feel like I am non-physically a wolf mainly because I remember actually being a wolf. It's a bit difficult to explain that kind of feeling minus the spiritual beliefs, but eh... it is what it is. Whether or not the life I remember really happened is debatable, obviously, but everything I remember from it is 100% scientifically, biologically accurate. What I experience now, as a person who is a wolf, matches up with what is currently known about canine behaviour and psychology. This may be an elaborate coincidence, of course - but the result is the same. Either I am spiritually a wolf, or I'm psychologically close enough to a wolf to feel like I identify as such. It's a... very difficult thing to explain, so I hope this made sense? At least a little?
  4. Charias

    The Squad

    Where other systems have serious names, we just have... The Squad. Blame Akarthyx for that. From left to right we have: the fluffy dinosaur, Akarthyx; the concerned wolf, Rook; and the mirror dragon pup, Aeolus. The big dumb dog-lizard is a symbolic representation of our system "autopilot", whose lack of sapience doesn't stop them getting distracted petting our dog for extensive periods of time. πŸ˜›

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  5. Charias

    The Self

    Oh, that is gorgeous! What a lovely art style!
  6. I have a love-hate relationship with snow because - well, both my theriotypes lived in places where it snowed, and as a wolf I lived far enough north that it was snowy for most of the year, so snow does feel really "homey" to me. But it's so frustrating not having nice thick fur to keep me warm out there! I hate having to wrap myself up in layers of clothes to be able to go out in it. I... actually have a bad habit of going out in the cold without wearing warm clothes then ending up sick because my body isn't built for that, haha. I do love storms, though. Storms are the best. And standing outside in strong wind! Can't stand the heat at all and I'm a bit photosensitive, so hot, sunny days are the worst for me! I tend to just huddle inside, sitting in front of a fan feeling sorry for myself during the occasional heat waves we get here.
  7. Sometimes I feel like I should tell the mental health folks I see about my... well, our plurality. But then I'm just worried it'd get treated as some part of my illness, or otherwise misunderstood in some way. I think that's less a reflection of my feelings towards plurality, and more a lack of trust towards the doctors/nurses I see... oof.Β It is relevant though because we can't really control who'#s fronting and,, like we both kinda have issuesΒ but they're different!! like,, I don't have depression at all!! plus theres all the times we BOTH zone out and then theres just the bloody autopilot who is an idiot rip

    1. Amber

      Gosh.. even if I'm not plural, I know that autopilot thing.. I have one, too! And it's actually quite useful. It can hide the fact that I'm "mentally absent" at least for a couple of hours.Β  However, if the main problem is uncontrolled fronting: do you know how other plurals handle it?

    2. Charias

      @Amber fronting issues are one of those things that vary a lot between different plurals, I think. It gets a bit blurry between me (Rook) and Akarthyx because we're a median system, which basically means there isn't always a solid line between "me" and "him" - we tend to blur together sometimes, especially when we're focusing on other things. It is something we're working on, though! We've made some progress so far, so here's hoping that continues~

      Also, about the autopilot thing: I think everyone actually has something like that, it's just that most people don't notice!

      We tend to complain about our autopilot a lot but it's not really because the autopilot'sΒ terrible.Β It's moreΒ that we have a tendency to zone out at all the worst moments because of our other mental health issues (mainly anxiety) and the autopilot isn't very good at handling complicated things! Like... conversations. Because the autopilot cannot speak or understand English. It gets a bit awkward, aha.

    3. Amber

      Hm... I see. Totally agree about the autopilot; also mine can't do complex things / conversations. OK, then let me think into this a bit.. if I'd be plural, I'd obviously try to "team up" with my other self(s) in order create an advantage. The two of you seem to have very different personalities, but they also seem complementary.

      Now, this really reminds me of a training book from the Austrian climber JΓΌrgen Reiss, who is one of my few role models. It hasn't got to do with plurality, hence I don't know if it can be compared with your situation at all... However, JΓΌrgen also does mental training. He generally describes that he intentionally splits his own personality into different sub-personalities and gives them names ("Mr. Business", "Inner couch potato", ..). Then, he gives them responsibilities which positively support his goal of becoming better as a climber; for example, the "inner couch potato" would be responsible for regeneration. He also describes inner discussions between the sub-personalities, but there is always a moderator or "king", as he calls it. I understand that plurality is a totally different thing - especially the "king" is obviously missing in your system. I just think JΓΌrgen gives a good example that "multiple inner personalities" can be useful - if there is a common goal, that is.

      The anxiety problem is of course nasty if it causes both of you to zone out at the same time. I tend to think it could be solved independent from the fronting/plurality issue, though. Maybe the two of you would need different means of handling it? I guess I'd probably also try to get this treatment without telling the doctors about the plurality... unless maybe I knew that the specific doctor would have experience with plurals and understand that it's definitely not part of the illness. May just be a matter of finding the right therapist, then... frankly, that's always the problem.


  8. Nope... I've never even went on a night out. I'm too boring and introverted for that, aha. Never have I ever rode a motorbike!
  9. I've... been around a lot of 'kin communities but never really stuck with any except KM, for one reason or another. Many years ago I was really active on TG, but I've heard... bad things about the new management over there so I'm hesitant to rejoin. I'm also on the Daemon Forum and tend to go through phases of being really active there (same with the Discord chat associated with that forum). Outside of 'kin/plurality things... you can pretty much always find me on Flight Rising's forums! I am way, way too active on there. Like, too much. It's a problem. πŸ˜›
  10. I'm not feeling as sick today as I was yesterday... still feeling pretty bad, but I'm getting better! Maybe I'll be up and about again by tomorrow. I hope so. In the meantime, this has given me the perfect excuse to spend all day sitting around playing RDR2... hehehe.
  11. I have all this free time yet still, somehow, find myself struggling to find time to do all the things I want to...
  12. N is for... nerd πŸ€“