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    Burned in Ice, Rises from the Ashes

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    Anime, winter, RPGs, film, video games
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    Play video games, watch anime, film movies, draw/paint/sculpt
  • Favorite Music
    Starset, Twenty one pilots, Broken Iris, Three Days Grace, movie scores
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    I actually don't read books that often
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    Anime, Orange is the New Black, Doctor Who
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    Skyrim, dragon's dogma, legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Flight Rising
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    Religion honestly confuses me and I don't know if I'm actually atheist, agnostic, or Bahai. To be honest, I've lived this long without really caring so I'll just shrug my shoulders and say 'eh, practice what you want to practice and let me do my thing over here.'

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    Ice Dragonkin, Phoenixkin, something else idk what it is
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    Silver dragon, thick body, ram horns, slightly serpentine face, long tail and bat wings, large claws, thick, sharp back ridges, belly scales
    Gold Phoenix with red patches as highlights, peacock-like plumage and long, soft feathers.
  • Time of Awakening
    October 2015
  • Personal Otherkin Experiences
    I am a human, yet I am also a dragon and a Phoenix. It is part of me, my vital essence. Without my otherkinity, I am not me and that's not okay. I lived a life of this dragon and a Phoenix in the past and those spirit forms has carried through to this body where I walk the human world with my memories still intact. This helps me believe in the unknown and mysterious and keep an open mind to many different ideas.
  • Personal Awakening
    I've always been a dragon and had mental shifts through my life, though, as a kid, always blew it off as my imagination. I became more open-minded as I got older and, when I heard of the otherkin community, realized that this was what explained my draconic personality.

    I awakened as a Phoenix when I began dreaming that I was flying, but not in the same body that I would usually fly in. I began to get phantom shifts of feathers and plumage and mental shifts in which I would want to roost and would perch on the edge of couches and chairs. I have recovered a couple of memories that have solidified this kin.

    I also had a dream that I was in space. I could see myself from the outside, but I was just a phantom. It didn't feel like a normal dream, though, and I started remembering it at random moments and repeating the dream. Still exploring what this means.
  1. Apparently I hibernated this winter
  2. Satanism

    I always liked Laveyan Satanism. As someone who was brought up in a Christian household, to me the religion just seemed very...I don't know, illogical? But Satanism feels a lot more aligned with what humans are and instead of trying to transcend our animalistic foundations like Christianity does, Satanism celebrates it, which is something I appreciate. But it still pushes you to be a good person, but to appreciate yourself as well.
  3. Roleplaying?

    Sorry for the neglect I'm back and ready to roleplay
  4. Pokémon Go!

    This was actually a false story from a news website that posts made up stories for ad revenue. Thank god, since people would have gotten seriously injured and for a dumb reason.
  5. Pokémon Go!

    Ah, Pokemo Go! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out much in the last few days to actually catch some Pokemon, but I've done a fair bit in the last couple of days. Just reached level five, Team Mystic, gonna go find a gym to fight once my Pokemon are strong enough. There are two pokestops at my park, but I always feel a bit awkward going to them because I don't have any friends to go with and I know too many people in the area, so I'm running low on items.
  6. Furvilla, anyone?

    I just joined, my username is SilverWinter (wow, what a surprise) and I already know I'm going to get addicted. Instantly saw that you can be a ball python and I cried a little. But, yeah, so far it's been really rocky. It took me about 20 minutes to get through my gathering turns. I missed the tumblrkin storm, though, so I guess that's a plus. Hopefully the can get this cleaned up; this is almost as bad as early Flight Rising.
  7. Weirdest Things in Space

    Oh yeah, I've read about that! It's in Sagittarius I believe. I also read about an area of space called the Bootes Void. It's a region of about 250 million lightyears containing about 60 galaxies, when there should be hundreds of thousands. No one knows why it's there, but many scientists speculate that it was created by a class 3 Kardashev civilization, meaning that this particular society has the ability to harness energy on a galactic scale, causing galaxies in the void to go dark and be impossible to see with out tools.
  8. So I'll start off by saying that I have never taken a class in astronomy or cosmology, and do not plan to enter the field. I simply have an out of control passion for space and the weirdest things that we know about it. I thought it would be cool for all other space lovers to share and read about some of the unbelievable, mind blowing, and strangest things about the cosmos.
  9. Weird Dreams

    I once had a dream that my sister and I were breaking a brick wall with bricks. They kept breaking so I picked up a pink brick but my sister got mad at me and screamed that a friend gave it to her. She ended up picking up a stray tree trunk and smashing it against the wall, but it didn't work. I finally broke through with bricks and as I crawled through the hole I woke up.
  10. Roleplaying?

    Hey, everyone, I'm going to get the site up and running again! Please feel free to jump on whenever you want! I'll be on later today to clean some stuff up and make some small changes.
  11. The Let it All Out Thread

    So I decided to be enrolled in two online classes this summer so that I could have the necessary credits to graduate, since the two classes, government and economics, are required. I've been working on the classes for a few weeks now. With the economics class, there wasn't really any kind of schedule in the program that told us what to do on each day so I just kind of assumed it was a work at your own pace. So I ended up procrastinating it. I realized two days ago that I had five units left and the final was the next day. I worked for 12 hours for those two days catching up. I'd never been so focused in my life. I got really good grades on everything - if they didn't take any late points off, I would have an A in the class. But then, about 7 hours in, I find out that everything I'd just done was two-five days late...meaning I get 0 points. 0/100. So I was really upset about that, since that meant that everything I had just worked my ass of doing was for nothing. But then I calculated my grade and it got worse. There was no way I could pass the class anymore with those zeros. Because I turned them in a couple days late, the A I was supposed to get turned into an F...and now I have to retake the mother****ing class. Ladies and gentlemen, the American education system.
  12. I just spent 10 hours on my summer class...and got no credit for any of it
  13. Roleplaying?

    @St Claire What do you think about bringing this back?
  14. Roleplaying?

    I would be happy to revive the rp again. Personal matters came up and I couldn't continue to moderate threads
  15. Word fun