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  1. I'm in a state of half one thing half another thing most of the time, sometimes three of four at once. In our subsystem (all of which are polykin with certain shared 'types) we usually experience being polykin a as sate of shifting being where sometimes some are stronger than others, but none fades out entirely. In a addition to what's shared we also have "base kintypes" which are almost always present, which in my case would be demigod, but note this doesn't mean we experience the others any less just in a different way. For what a combined phantom and astral shift is like (they tend to combine for us) for the most part it's like traits from one kintype merge with another. Most of the time they look like fairly neat hybrids unless the two that are together are very different physically. The ones that result in the later are more from kintypes we aren't open about publicly so I don't want to give specific examples. In my case my base kintype usually presents as whatever I am has wings, meanwhile subsystem members like Max might have them appear more reptilian and Icarus with more ant/insectoid traits. For mental shifts we don't exactly experience those. As previously stated we do experience our multiple kintypes is a shifting state but I wouldn't call those shifts, more so just how it's usually experienced. For mental shifts the most I can think is sometimes we might act slightly more like our kintype but that's usually not noticeable or significant, and we don't experience mental shifts to the extent others might. -{Iros}(Demigod, Polykin)
  2. On the cowfolk side I sometimes forget this body doesn't have a tail or movable ears, and I express with them more than I do with the rest of the body and it's strange to think that others can't see them. With fictionkin I regularly forget I don't have fangs with Webber in particular, but I don't get it with other fictotypes as much. Though in general I often forget the body doesn't have fur which can apply to multiple kintypes, sometimes I'll go outside not properly dressed for the weather because of it ʕ ˵·ᴥ·ʔ -{Farly}(Cowfolk, Fictionkin)
  3. yeah they are fun, like feeling my phantom body out when I front, like I feel like me when I'm feeling my face, fur, and paws, like yeah I get that in the headspace but when I front it's like hey even when I'm out here I'm sill me. I feel pretty energetic with them to, it's sort of fun to move around eh -Eleanor (Glaceon)
  4. We need to post in it more but https://www.furaffinity.net/user/venusambassador/ -{Iros}
  5. I wouldn't say she's otherkin per say but we have been reading Guardians of Ga'Hoole lately and I did notice Lutta has a lot of traits that are similar to otherkin and polykin in particular. Lutta is considered a changeling in the books and is able to shapeshift between different owl species. Myself and a few members of my system could relate to her struggling with her identity and what species she is. I was talking with Ivy about it and she said she could especially relate to it being polykin. A lot of the ways that her guardian Kreeth taught her to shapeshift were similar to how in our system we induce a shift (starting from the head and going down), and as someone who has four different forms they can take that is the method I use. -Rex (Missingno.)
  6. I haven't seen anyone else mention this so I thought I'd bring it up. There is the term medusan, which in the coiner's words is "referring to alterhuman/nonhuman people who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to other alterhuman people and/or nonhumans. this can mean monsters, aliens, or mythical creatures - any intelligent nonhuman creature." The post where it was introduced is here. It's not as widely used and I've only seen it maybe a couple times in the wild, but attraction to only/mostly your own species/not humans isn't unheard of. -{Max} (Reptilian, Polykin Subsystem)
  7. Squad Palindrome is hyperfixating on FNaF again so let's talk about Lolbit. Okay so they're 1. a fox 2. a pirate 3. an easter egg/extra character 4. have a cool tv aesthetic in their main game appearances 5. literally the colors of the nonbinary flag which apparently fits the standards of all six of us and Lolbit is collectively our favorite character in the Five Night at Freddy's series and they've only appeared as a shopkeeper in a spinoff, as an enemy is an extra custom night in SL, and as a completely random extra character in UCN I have no idea why we like them so much but they're our fox child apparently -{Max}
  8. oh you know edit: ok I can't figure out how to embed youtube videos so here's the link
  9. Oh I thought it was a Cassowary but that's... a completely different bird I is for Isometric
  10. I'm having to take my permit test in less than an hour, please wish me luck because I failed the first time and I'm not doing well on the practice tests... -Autin
  11. We float around a lot, right now I think we're most active on Amino with Kinmunity and TG being close seconds. We might also go onto Tumblr from time to time and go through the otherkin tag to see if there's anything good. We're also in some fictionkin and plural Discord servers. -{Max} (Questioning Reptilian, Polykin Subsystem)
  12. We watch almost exclusively animation, but we recently finished watching (and rewatching with our mom) the Dragon Prince and the new She-Ra! Though at the moment I'm mostly trying to finish up some podcasts. -Autin