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    Gaming, Writing, Sketching, Birdwatching
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    Transgender FtM
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    Snow Leopard, Western Dragon
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    Rhys (TFtB), Ivypool (Warriors)
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    Snow Leopard: Very average female snow leopard.
    Western Dragon: The male of a large species of desert dragon, somewhat reminiscent in appearance to a Gold Dragon a la Pathfinder.
    Fictotypes: As is in the respective sources.
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    A long process that began around 2009 when I first questioned the experiences I was having. At the time it was a case of resurfacing every now and then; it wasn't until around 2015 that I started seriously questioning my identity when I was first introduced to the otherkin and related communities.
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    Mental Shifting
    Phantom Shifting
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    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli
    I experience involuntary shifts provoked by emotional stimuli

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  1. No amount of years in the community mean we're any more sure about our identities. I'm seriously starting do doubt the authenticity of one of my fictotypes, it's been a long time since I experienced any shifts and I feel slowly less in touch with that side of me. I'd say maybe it's me not needing what began as a subconscious defence mechanism any more, but that makes no sense because my other fictotype I attribute to the same catalyst is as strong as ever, levels like my kintypes. I've experienced fictionflicking before, but this felt so different. Was I wrong? 

  2. A few propositions for the survey I've been mulling over! If I think of more I'll respond later. Whether people explain their identity psychologically or spiritually. So a scaled question from 'Strictly Psychological' to "Strictly Spiritual' with 'Equally Spiritual and Psychological' in the middle. Might also help to have an extra option also for 'Don't Know/Neither'. Questions on people's kintype(s). If not an entry box to prevent easily identifiable kintypes, broader groups could be used. For example "Canine, Bovine, Avian, Dragon, Extra-Terrestrial, Elven .etc". I'd be also kind of interested to see a question on whether people identify as a predator species or prey species (potentially one or two more categories also for people whose kintypes don't definitively fit in either). The good old standard questions: 'How many kintypes do you have?', 'What types of shifts, if any, do you experience?' ('Are these voluntary/involuntary/both/other?' as a follow-up), although I'm sure they're already going to be included ^^ "Would you describe yourself as having species dysphoria?" with Yes, No, Unsure as options. Would be intriguing to see the prevelance of the phenomena in the community. Adding onto what Jethero suggested about what communities people are part of, perhaps asking what site/forum/social media the person primarily uses to interact with the otherkin community?
  3. Snow Leopard me: I need the towering mountains and snow and cold icy air. Dragon me: I need the scorching heat on my scales, the rolling expanse of sand and dry earth in every direction. Brain: is confused
  4. I've had that happen before. Usually mid-strong mental shift or phantom shift (or mixture) and it never lasts long. But for a moment it can sometimes take my brain a moment to realize "Wait, oh, yeah, my body is like this not like that."
  5. January. That time of the year when I feel most snow leopard. Any month in Winter tends to bring it out, but it always seems that it isn't until after the Christmas holidays here that the cold sets in proper here and we get below zero. 

    Sadly there hasn't been any snow on the fells thus far but hopefully that'll change soon! That's when it really begins to feel like home. Many times smaller than the Himalayas, gods, nothing could rival the majesty of those mountains, but here is good enough for this floof living thousands of miles away. 

  6. In my time in the community I have seen many common misconceptions younger and newer members have fallen into through confusion and uncertainty. I could perhaps write a huge article on so many of these, but I've decided to settle on just one for this small piece and that is a misconception that has cropped up pretty often. Many people, especially (but certainly not exclusively) those coming from social media communities such as Tumblr often are seen using the term "astral limbs". Which at first glance makes sense. There is such a thing as astral shifting after all. However, it becomes confusing when you realize that in actuality they are not talking about limbs they experience in astral shifting, but referring to the limbs they feel when experiencing a phantom shift. And in fact the correct term is "phantom limbs" which really makes sense considering the name for that particular type of shifting is phantom shifting. "Astral limbs" would really only make sense if you were referring to an astral shift where you felt those limbs on your astral body. Of course, not all individuals caught using the term do so because they genuinely have the terms confused. In fact, more often than not it appears to be because somewhere along the lines they have been told it is wrong to call them "phantom limbs". This is supposedly offensive or a mockery towards amputees and sometimes even stretched to say it cannot be a phantom limb unless you have actually once had that limb on your body. Where this point of view originally came from is unclear, but this is false. A phantom limb is a term that covers any body part one feels that isn't physically there; whether it has once existed there or not. It is true that most commonly in everyday settings it is used in reference to phantom limb syndrome experienced by amputees so understandable where the misconception arose. But this is just one usage. This causes much frustration for older members of the community who have perhaps heard this numerous times before and have to go through the processes of explaining the differences once again to limit confusion and misunderstandings. This isn't the fault of the individual using the terms wrongly at all, just comes out of misinformation from different parts of the online community. But it certainly would be nice if the confusion and worry about using the correct terms dwindled. So if you are one of those people who does confuse the terms, or uses it because of what you've been told elsewhere: no matter what anyone says it is not wrong or offensive to use the term "phantom limbs" to describe your experience and no group exclusively owns the term. Although perhaps the fully correct term would be "supernumerary phantom limb", shortening it doesn't make it any less correct. So far there has been little to no research that I am aware of so far that had explored the phenomenon of phantom limb syndrome in relation to otherkin, but if the shoe fits then it fits. As long as people aren't claiming to be on the same level as an amputee or suffer the same struggles, there is no issue. "Phantom limb" for limbs felt when in a phantom shift, "astral limb" for limbs felt in an astral shift or related shift/experience. Originally Written in 2016. Briefly revised January 2019.
  7. I'm a bit on-and-off with mobile games really. I can play them for a while obsessively and some I stick with, others I kind of get bored of only to come back later to play more. I used to play a fair bit of Summoners War, haven't in a while but thinking of checking it out again. Disney TsumTsum I've still got installed but I haven't touched for a while, it's good fun when I'm in the mood for it though. Go-to games when I just want something low-effort or relaxing are Neko Atsume, Microsoft Solitaire, crossword puzzles or Paper Wings. My main game at the moment is Digimon Links, I'm semi-addicted whoops haha. Trying my hardest to resist the temptation to spend money so far.
  8. Poking my head in again, just in time xD
  9. Winter is simultaneously the season I feel most alive, yet the season I also get the sleepiest. It's a paradox but I love it. 

  10. I noticed that the KinSpot map is currently publicly viewable when not logged in and think that a privacy option (much like the plan with the blogs) would be a good idea for those of us who want to put ourselves on there, but only for members of the site for privacy reasons. So there could be options such as public, members only, perhaps an option for people who follow you/you follow only and such.
  11. My beloved birdie companion Darwin. Another Green Cheeked Conure, although he's a Yellow-Sided mutation. Not a day goes by when I question how on earth I got through life before he came around. He loves nothing better than to sit on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck at any given chance. Easy enough to know when he wants scritches as he'll rub his head against my fingers and chirp "tickle, tickle". He's got a fair vocabulary of noises and phrases/sentences from mimicking the phone ringing to shouting: "you're a naughty naughty boy aren't ya?" across the room. If he wants to go somewhere else he'll make sure you're the one carrying him over like he's royalty, he refuses to fly unless it's a last resort. I have a few pictures, but it's hard as every time he spots the camera he wants to sit on it and check it out.