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  1. Hello! And Discord

    Hey man, welcome aboard. I understand at this time you don't wish to disclose in what capacity you believe you are otherkin, what I would like to know is where you learned about otherkin, and what it means to you to be otherkin. Have you been a part of other otherkin groups, pages, forums or communities in the past?
  2. Groups of kin type

    I usually think of a grouping of dragons as an "OH NO THEY'RE BURNING EVERYTHING!" Of dragons. In all seriousness though, most of these words had weird and funny origins in the olde English, if you look up the origins of the ones we know you might find similar ones.
  3. The "Canadian" wolf

    Complaining about things that don't exist with fantasies that don't exist outside of your head is not debate. If you disagree, you may feel free to answer the questions I have posed.
  4. Any dragon slayers out there?

    Can you point out any that exist anywhere? Have you any specific examples of this happening anywhere in history?
  5. Hello there I am new here and want to get to know you

    Hey there, Welcome aboard! What do you mean that you are a hatching dragon? Also, which dragons are there that wish for peace? And peace between which groups?
  6. anxiety

    Much appreciated. Glad you're doing better.
  7. anxiety

    On this forum? The worst possible scenario is that you're wrong, after which you fall back on your "new guy" status and take the opportunity to learn. Just keep rocking on!
  8. My chief argument, kyms, is that the standard to which you hold a kintype is infinitely lower than everyone else. "I went to Judo class for 2 whole months. I'm a black belt!." "I really enjoy the color blue, and the New York Giants are called 'Big Blue,' that makes me a die hard Giants fan! Now if only I could remember how many innings a football game has." "I majored in pre med in my junior college, I'm a doctor!" If you see a problem with these statements, you see my logical discourse with the way you hold your kintypes. And even your experiences and shifts do not prove the existence of a kintype. For example, I play a lot of role playing games, including dungeons and dragons. I had a character who was a mounted combat paladin with hammer and shield. I would internalize and imagine each movement, each charge, each swing. Even now, months after the game finished, I occasionally go back to mimicking those swings I rehearsed in my head. I feel the armor on my arm, the paldron shifting over the vambrace as I swing the top heavy hammer in wide arcs and feel the connection of an impact, even will feel as I should walk with shield at ready position... this is imagination simulation stimulus. Though it fits many of the definitions of a shift. I know it's origin, I know it's function. It is not a kintype, not anything close to it. But this is exactly what I think of when I read your posts and justifications. Shezep brings up very good points. This is what I meant by collecting kintypes and theriotypes. Your alleged kintypes match the description of a learned behavior, rather than an inherent part of your being.
  9. Never been a fan of haiku, so I wrote this instead. The definition upon which you stand Is quite flawed as evidenced by your path. your identities as grains of beach sand, innumerable as bubbles in baths. whimsy guides thee, a new type with each dawn adhering to kin with basis as strong, as soaked paper, as a sun melted crayon when does it please stop, this need to belong? collecting kin like stamps or coins or cards it is not our way, it cheapens our life experience I defend, as vanguard. belief in being, stands on edge of knife. Far more than trivial identity, otherkin is what was, and what will be. As you gather a more and more extensive list of kintypes, as you add words that you do not seem to embody the definition of, we begin casting more doubt. The core of otherkin is not in the act of self identifying, but rather in the fundamental understanding that one or more parts of your being, or even the core of one's being is not human. This would be similar to a person with a hot rod car, saying "well it's all dodge parts, chassis, body, but it's got a Ford engine," whereas you are saying "well it's all dodge parts, chassis, body, but it's got a Ford-lincoln-universal-Jaguar-Toyota-hamster-werechevrolet-mercedes engine. It's totally a real engine, I found a picture of it on deviantart." So, can someone be cladotherian of anything? Maybe. The probability and plausibility reduces with each broadening stroke. I hope this helps you to understand my dissent.
  10. If you're asking for opinions on your statements, most people are wondering if they must reply in poetic form. As far as what I think of your stance. My viewpoint is entirely unchanged since you disappeared for a while. I don't think you really understand otherkin, and you have yet to show any further knowledge of it since your return.
  11. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    There is an old phrase in the US, if you're 18 and Republican, you have no heart. If you're 35 or more and a democrat, you have no brain.
  12. Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

    I feel the voting age should be raised! Joking of course, if you can enlist and fight for the country you should have a say in the leadership. That being said, I argue that the youth these days "think" that they better understand politics than generations past. They, however, largely have lesser and lesser actual knowledge of politics and how they work from a legal standpoint. I would wish more understood the construction of government, the separation of powers and the dangerous line between liberty and tyranny, including soft tyranny. I really never want to see a future for the US like the present in Venezuela where college students who are holding assemblies to ask to vote for leaders and a more republican form of government are being executed, imprisoned or never heard from again.
  13. I do believe that I am an Incarnate Angel. My views of Angels are an amalgamation of judeochristian views, the writings of Thomas Aquinas (primarily while at the University of Paris), a few more new age concepts as well while juxtaposing between Demonology and the book of Enoch. Angels are largely beyond the true perception of man, thus how they vary in how they appear throughout the world and different religions. I do kind of shake my head with "abrahmic" angels in most cases as I bear the viewpoint that Angels are not directly associated with a religion as they predate religion and are a universal constant throughout recorded history and all cultures known so far. Angels are often times mischaracterized as being nice and friendly cute things by hallmark and other such publications, including some protestant Christian religions who depict Angels consistently as, well, as my wife puts it "cloud humping hippy choir boys." Angels are devastating weapons and agents of a divine being, designed and built for specific purpose, and near always ready to protect said purpose with deadly efficiency. Angels are often resolute and dedicated to their cause, and as most lore suggests they are immortal and therefore act in relation to time far differently than mortal beings.
  14. See, now I hear what you say, Shezep, and I want to test these claims. If people are reliably able to communicate with deities, this changes the entire freaking world. It flips the table on centuries of history and several major religions.
  15. This has become a growing trend in the last 10 years or so (at least from my knowledge). People claiming to have messages and two way communication with major deities. As a rule, not only do I 99% disbelieve these claims, but seeing said claims makes me immediately view the individual as far less credible.