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    wisdom of inspirobot is an AI that generates inspirational quotes well they try. Post your gems here! W H A T
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    What happened to the site???

    I can see all the threads even the ones I should be locked out of. I cant find my blog. What's going on this is stressing me out
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    The compliment thread <3

    Hello one and all! It's come to my attention that everyone can use a pick me up from time to time, and well, you"ll get them here. How does it work? You compliment the user above you, make their day! And if there's still time to edit your post, you can compliment the user below too if you...
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    Making Inquiry boards easier to find

    As it's come to my attention, many folks want to make things such as studies, reports, and even films on us. As it seems, however, they often tend to misplace themselves due to missing the rule board for such things. I think moving it somewhere easier to find would help this a great deal. You...
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    what was you *insert X-files theme* Moment?

    Have you ever seen something odd? Like, that you can't explain easily? That would fit in with the X-Files, or perhaps the Twilight zone? Post it here.  I have two.  The first took place at my bus stop. My bus stop, you see, is at the bottom of a hill. As in, there is only one way up/down, and...
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    The Official Funny Thread

    Sometimes, we need a good laugh. Who doesn't? So, I made this thread. Share what makes you laugh, giggle, sends you into hysterics, and so forth! Be it a video, a gif, a meme, an amusing fact, post it here, make the forums laugh!   I'll start by posting a classic. Curse of The Weggy Board
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    Welcome to the Salty Spittoon

    How tough are ya? Well? You think you're tough? How tough?  (basically one player will talk about how tough they are, next will try to outdo them.
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    Steal the Banana

    There's a banana, everyone wants this banana. So much so, they will do whatever it takes to steal said banana.  Example) Person one: Has the banana. Person two: Takes the banana and takes a boat to a secluded island person three: Flies in on a plane and snatches the nanner and so on The...
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    Quote yourself

    Ever said something that sounds really weird? Shouldn't be taken out of context? Just doesn't make sense? Post it here, lets see what we've said. I'll start us off with a few of mine. "Guys, I just realized pirates" "...and that's why I'll be a homeless person in a fursuit" "I need a...
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    Custom emotes

    Here's the idea.  So basically, for an amount of bones (though its still offline, I know) you could make a custom (non-animated) emote. There would be a customization screen where you could pick features (hair, horns, ears, mood, eyes, ect.) And only you could use it. I feel like it'd be a nice...