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Search results

  1. Moonalight

    Waning Awareness?

    So this is a question, I guess? Has anyone else ever had it where they sort of lose awareness of their other identities? Not that the shifting goes away or anything, but that you just don't think about it whenever it happens? This might not make much sense. Like, I get seasonal depression...
  2. Moonalight

    Dead animals and lost children shifts?

    Dramatic title, I know, please bear with me because this is a long one, but it's really relevant after the last few weeks. First an old mare at the farm I work at had to be euthanize. It was the first time I'd been around something like that and my mom pulled me away because the vet said it'd be...
  3. Moonalight

    Scent marking and Dens?

    Oh gods you put it into words. This is it, this is right! Everything you said is exactly what I've always tried to make sense of! You must be a blessing, thank you!
  4. Moonalight

    Scent marking and Dens?

    So maybe it's a problem to one of my kintypes specifically. There isn't anyone that I trust fully, that I would call part of my 'pack', so I mostly just react like this to everyone. I guess I'll just have to look up some papers on the matter to help. Thank you for telling me your ideas and about...
  5. Moonalight

    Scent marking and Dens?

    I've never really got it either. The only time I get seriously upset is when they try to get near my bed (den) trying to climb into it or shaking it. Even sharing space or being in the same room as others, I can tolerate it but there has always been a limit. I don't think I trust my family for...
  6. Moonalight

    Scent marking and Dens?

    I also mark things around my room and my bed, if it doesn't smell right it isn't allowed in the den until it's properly scented. Shifts don't happen often for me which is why I wasn't entirely sure what to do. I'll try the training, but a therapist is out of the question since they cost to much...
  7. Moonalight

    Scent marking and Dens?

    I'm not much of a physical person with people I don't know well, or even people I've known for years. There's a specific group of people I get really needy and physical with, rubbing all over them and basically glomping them. Naturally the people I speak of are family members, and I've never...