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Search results

  1. Henk

    Douchebag Genie

    Granted. You have all the courage to come out, but when you meet a new person who might become your friend: You tell them everything and come out right then and there, scaring them away. I wish I could fly with my own wings.
  2. Henk

    Douchebag Genie

    Granted, but every time you blink they change to a random color with a cooldown of 60 seconds that resets every time you blink. I wish that the body parts we feel in a phantom shift would be real and totally integrated in the body.
  3. Henk

    The "Not in my Living Room" game

    Jigsaw (All that sawdust...)
  4. Henk

    Describe/name your kintype without using the letter A.

    Horse with wings, onyx colored little scutes covering the hide. With long reptile-like behind. Pointy horns next to horse-like listening devices. Inside the muzzle: Four long corner teeth. Four digits with feline-like unguis on the front feet. End of the snout: Two big nose openings. Eyes...