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Search results

  1. flameglazedhoney

    Fun Animal Fact Game

    The two large 'fangs' either side of a centipede's head aren't actually fangs in the traditional sense - they're venomous modified front arms known as toxicognaths! Also, many centipedes' tail has two long 'prongs' meant to resemble the antennae, in the hopes that a predator will grab that end...
  2. flameglazedhoney

    Have you ever bonded with a character and like 6 years later you kin’ed them?

    Yep, definitely. It's not 6 years ago, but I played Bug Fables ages ago, got really into the fandom, forgot about it, revisited the new update and suddenly whoops! I think I'm fictionkin with the main character now! Dunno how I missed that the first time round! I've never had a fiction kintype...
  3. flameglazedhoney

    What are you listening to right now?

    Pretty much all of Penelope Scott's 'Public Void' album, but especially Cigarette Ahegao - found her from that Elon Musk song that blew up a while back, her whole style is really creepy and chiptuney, would super recommend