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Search results

  1. shadowedwolf

    Finding out alot of details for my 2nd theriotype.

    So i recently found out my 2nd theriotype which is Merkin/Memaidkin! So now i have to give my second theriotype a name, type of mermaid, pro nouns etc. So all i know is that my 2nd theriotype pro nouns are she/her and she is aro/ace but that is all i really know. I havent told my friends about...
  2. shadowedwolf

    Am i waterkin?

    Hi so i have been question lately if my other theriotype is a mermaid/water kin because i have always connected with Mermaids and water in general. Like whenever me and my cousin we would play mermaids every time we would get into water we would always imagine our tails would flare out just like...
  3. shadowedwolf

    Just all about my life and thoughts

    All about my life
  4. shadowedwolf

    Comment by 'shadowedwolf' in 'first post'

    Personally i would just support them like buy them binkis sippy cups you know child like things i mean if my friend told that i be like ''wE hAvE tO gEt yOu a bEaUtIfUl bInkI rIgHt nOw"
  5. shadowedwolf

    ~My therian journey~

    ~ All about me and my theriotype~