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Search results

  1. shadowedwolf

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    a big no for me
  2. shadowedwolf

    Will you or have you ever told anyone in real life you where otherkin and how did it go?

    I have told my mom and close friends. So when i told my mom this was her reaction "🤔🤨🧐" She did not know what it was but when i told her that i identify with a Wolf spiritually and psychologically she was like " 😐😅😚" But i am really glad she still accepts me and when i told my close friends...
  3. shadowedwolf


    *Disclaimer i know there is another discord sever and i am not trying to copy it this discord server is just to talk* Join the Otherkin Community Discord Server! <--- Click le link
  4. shadowedwolf

    Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?

    Okay so idk if this is just me but i have the urges to eat dog treats and walk on all fours or even bite some things but lucky i have a necklace to bite on -w-
  5. shadowedwolf

    How i knew i was a therian and my story.

    Hallo I'm Luna some of you may know me as "Foxy" on here but i have changed my theriotype to a Black Eurasian wolf so please call me Luna. Anyhow so lemme answer the main question how did i knew i was a therian well i have always connected with animals more than humans at times i would find...