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Search results

  1. Asherah

    Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?

    This is a fun thread! For me, I sometimes get the urge to graze on grass, berries, etc. I will be naturally drawn to plants that look appetizing to me. XD I don't actually eat them, but I do end up harvesting them for witchcraft purposes. As a horse/unicorn, I totally would've snacked on...
  2. Asherah

    Any other angel kin on here?

    There is a Seraph inside of this system, when you need them. Careful- they've fallen. They've been rended into this reality against their will, and they're not happy. But they do what they will.
  3. Asherah

    Most Unique Kintypes!

    i've seen trees, and a blueberry bush! and flowers. one of my alters identifies as a rosemary bush. another identifies as a flower. it's more common than you'd think!
  4. Asherah

    Most Unique Kintypes!

  5. Asherah

    How do i find out my kin name?

    You bet! I got you! I'll PM you the link so you can get your elven name. :-) Anyone else can PM me for the link as well!
  6. Asherah

    How do i find out my kin name?

    Finding your name is a long and arduous process... as a trans intersex person, finding a name is hard. It's a journey! Your name sounds beautiful- but, I absolutely understand not vibing with your human name at all. All I can really suggest is branching out and looking for whatever names you...
  7. Asherah

    Comment by 'Asherah' in 'Carson's Voice'

    Thank you! He sounds great! He figured out how to use the false vocal fold in order to death growl properly, so he doesn't tear up our throat, too. He will be a successful singer. :-D
  8. Asherah

    Carson's Voice

    Well, that rips. One of our alters, for the first time since our system set out to over a decade ago, manage to come out and successfully death growl for a full practice session. He did so well! He's been trying to hone the false vocal fold for years to try to get us to be able to growl properly...
  9. Asherah

    Finding Our Voice

    Havok System's Blog: A Random Assortment of Thoughts from An Artistic, Musically Inclined, Schizophrenic..... Otherkin Multiple System
  10. Asherah

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    That absolutely rules that you are a fursuit maker! I've been a furry for over 10 years now, and I've wanted to get into fursuit making so badly. Keep doing you! I think therians who wear fursuits are awesome. Love that! As a matter of fact, I've always wanted to fursuit, and I think a unicorn...
  11. Asherah

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    I consider it. I roll around in a wheelchair due to having neurological, mental & physical health problems. I would like to include more gear on my chair! I like to decorate my chair, and let people know that I am what I am. I don't hide myself. I wear a small backpack with unicorn print on it...
  12. Asherah

    Phantom shifts

    I just wasn't sure of what the word "seams" meant in context! Now that I understand that you're a doll, it makes total sense. :-) Very cool to see another doll-person!
  13. Asherah

    Phantom shifts

    I was a bit confused about your thread at first, but after seeing your additional replies, I wanted to contribute. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, and have an alter who is a doll-person. He too feels his seams; when he flexes his fingers, toes, or wrists, he can feel the gaps in between...
  14. Asherah

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    The reason there are no lists of definitive traits for each kintype is because no two creatures within the same species are alike, nor are two kin of the same 'type. Writing lists or articles like that could be extremely damaging, as each and every one of us has a unique and subjective...
  15. Asherah

    Can otherkin practice witchcraft?

    Practicing witchcraft is partially what led me to discovering my otherkin identity! I started meditating for religious purposes, and during those sessions, I started feeling phantom limbs, and having mental shifts! Doing research into the otherkin/therian experience made me want to continue...
  16. Asherah

    Kintype Database

    Unicorn Horse (Equus ferus caballus)