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Search results

  1. Elluenda

    I wish you both joy, peace, and an easing of pain in your last days together. It's always hard...

    I wish you both joy, peace, and an easing of pain in your last days together. It's always hard losing our animal friends.
  2. Elluenda

    How good is Amino?

    I tried using various otherkin, therian, and alterhuman aminos some while back, maybe a year. I found it a bit confusing and even too fast paced to use, personally. I'm sure others, especially younger internet natives used to that kind of format, would have an easier time in that regard! So I...
  3. Elluenda

    Return to blog!

    I knew these would be wiped when my old account disappeared, and there's something so nice about a blank page! Today I need to: do work, catch up or start again in my daybook journal, see some friends. Finally got the recycling dropped off... I dunno. It's just kind of nice to be back here...
  4. Elluenda

    Atsuvabethie (it catches words)

    It's a lil rambly space <3 for an elf creature <3
  5. Elluenda

    Comment by 'Elluenda' in 'why are elfs such a f*tish?'

    Good riddance to those two, you are better off without them! It's honestly kind of annoying even just trying to look for ART of elves and half of the popular results are super sexualized, and of course with super unrealistic bodies. I have a sort of blended approach to relationships and...
  6. Elluenda

    Comment by 'Elluenda' in 'Alas! The elders have given me my name (found my Kin name, for now atleast.)'

    That is a beautiful name! I am glad you took the time to seek it out and that it suits you well!
  7. Elluenda

    Good morning and happy spring to everyone!

    Good morning and happy spring to everyone!
  8. Elluenda

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

    hmmmm I don't have an answer for Finna's game, but it sounds SUPER interesting and I love that game concept! I don't know if I'd be able to make such a prompt bc i am between a few favorite songs atm...
  9. Elluenda

    Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?

    Yep! Can't tell you the number of times I've been possum-noshing some food, totally lost in it, and look over to see my husband laughing at me! I absolutely love mental shifts for my two theriotypes and revel in them. I've had possum shifts longer than owl shifts, so i am currently enjoying the...
  10. Elluenda


    I live too far out to have municipal tap water, so we use a system of cisterns and pump that draw water from a spring behind the house. The pipes are ancient and super calcified from hard water, so we don't drink the water from the faucet.... don't quite trust what may be leeching from pipes...
  11. Elluenda

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    I wear elf ears everywhere, and I have a few things related to my kintype that i wear in more private settings. I kinda dress weird anyway, so my idea of "gear" for my kintypes would be wearing specific pelts and feathers as accessories, not so much a tail... but that's also because I tend to be...
  12. Elluenda

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  13. Elluenda

    Good evening Kinmunity!

    Good evening Kinmunity!