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  1. SnowPaw_SheWolf

    Fun Vacations

    Hello!!  Over the years I have been to many different places.  From Hawaii to Korea.   I am still in collage, but love to go on trips. My favorite place that I have been was in fact Hawaii.  It is so beautiful!  I love it there.  It is so relaxing.  AND THE COCONUTS! I lived in Washington State...
  2. SnowPaw_SheWolf

    What is something you have thought you have lost

    What is something you have thought you have lost.  I think this is self explanatory...?
  3. SnowPaw_SheWolf

    A way to have guests not see your stuff

    I was browsing in the settings, figuring out how to use the site, and I noticed you cannot block anyone...   I read a recent suggestion where someone mentioned a new blocking setting... and I do agree that since it is not a social site, that that does not need to be added.  However, there is a...