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Search results

  1. Beepy Data Center

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    If I could at least make myself feel more robotic, I would for sure.
  2. Beepy Data Center

    Kintype Database

    1) Data Center / Research Facility AI 2) A Moog modular synthesizer
  3. Beepy Data Center

    Most Unique Kintypes!

    Yeah the fact that I am almost certain I have IKEA somewhat related to my kin must be really rare hahaha especially since I started working at IKEA and it just feels so *right* ya know? Rarest kintype I've ever seen was someone who IDed as a firework. I'd agree that object (non tech) and...
  4. Beepy Data Center

    Technology And Swedish Furniture Galore

    A blog where I'll post about kin stuff regarding being a generic technology kin (although primarily a data center AI) and otherhearted (kin?) with IKEA. Just my thoughts and feelings about stuff I discover about myself.
  5. Beepy Data Center

    Origins of your username

    I'm a data center that beeps. Pretty straight forward :3
  6. Beepy Data Center

    What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

    No specific song, but Kraftwerk is an entire machinekin mood. Their entire aesthetic since the 1960s has been "we are robots and we are singing about technology, science, and the future." They even have this song where they're like "we are robots" and "we are man machines" (in German, of...