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Search results

  1. Lepus alleni

    Picrew or other avatar creator things

    My absolute favorite HAS to be this horse-sona maker.
  2. Lepus alleni

    Most Unique Kintypes!

    Oh wow, now that's something! A circus as in the concept, a specific establishment, or just kin with a whole bunch of kintypes that employ a circus?
  3. Lepus alleni

    Summarize a book in a somewhat inaccurate sentence

    Watership Down: Fun adventure book about rabbits! :)
  4. Lepus alleni

    Benedict Cumberbatch Game

    I'm personally not very fond of beneduct cumevrtopstvch but as a poke-typer this seemed like a fun experiment.
  5. Lepus alleni

    Most Unique Kintypes!

    I've met quite a few, though the 3 I'd say stick out most in my mind would be: *earthworm *hydrangea *chandelier (yes, the beautiful glass objects that hang over fancy rooms or tables) I find the concept of such slow/stationary kintypes very interesting. It sounds like a peaceful existence.
  6. Lepus alleni


    There are many animals in my house, my family has always had atleast one pet for as long as I've been alive. There are 3 little dogs and 4 cats between my family, and I have two ratties to myself. I don't think its strange, but I've never been without animal companions my entire life.
  7. Lepus alleni

    Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?

    There are luckily alot of human-safe dog treats. Some even taste pretty good! Generally "cookie" or "cracker" ones are the best, and alot of meaty treats are... certainly not what most people expect "food" to taste like to say the least.
  8. Lepus alleni

    Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?

    Being in any flat, open place drives me to start running (which is unfortunate due to my body's breathing problems I can't run nearly as far as I'd like). On the rare occasion I'm with a friend my I have a tendency to become aggressively playful, feeling the need to demand playfights or races or...
  9. Lepus alleni

    Phantom shifts

    Most often my phantom shifts are my ears, I feel temperature around me from them sometimes, maybe a breeze even tickling the delicate line of fur that borders the inside. Rarely I notice my tail, but obviously between massive, very mobile ears and a small and near-non-expressive tail one's...
  10. Lepus alleni

    How come there isn't a list of definitive traits for kintypes?

    It can be a tough journey, and you might find the answers long after first realizing your feelings of being nonhuman. I never felt human, but finding exactly what I was was a much longer and tedious process, and I'd actually come across the answer when I'd already stopped looking and even...
  11. Lepus alleni

    Can otherkin practice witchcraft?

    The first time I met another otherkin was actually at a Wicca convention my mother brought me to. A lot of spiritual otherkin can be found in witchy circles (as well as I'm sure psychological otherkin, but spiritual alterhumanism seems to dominate this space).
  12. Lepus alleni

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    I am shameless and do whatever makes me feel better (so long as it doesnt hurt others). Being a furry also makes it easier because anyone who I havn't told about my unhumanity would just chock it up to that.
  13. Lepus alleni

    Faekin, can I be here?

    If your experiences are fae are herbivores, yes! feel free to join and partake in research!
  14. Lepus alleni

    Alterhuman Pet Peeves

    That's the worst and most peevish part of it all, perhaps. Theres so few language around this phenomena that doesn't sound like I'm trying to make it seem like I'm implying that otherkin are an oppressed group or that they're "supressing" the [pretentiously posh voice] "REAL otherkin", when I...
  15. Lepus alleni

    Alterhuman Pet Peeves

    on the same note as this, as someone who originally joined tumblr in 2011 seeking other otherkin to learn more about the community (this was *before* kin as a verb started popping up, or even before fictionkin was even widely accepted [I thought I may have been an umbreon at the time, and got *a...
  16. Lepus alleni

    Help with awakining

    Well, if it helps at all ease you worrying about the things you see yourself doing in your dreams, I've heard from many other spiritual otherkin that dreams arn't always the end-all reliable source for your memories or possible travel-- after all, dreams are dreams, and dreams can take place...
  17. Lepus alleni

    The Stupidity Game

    I bet your nose smells funny
  18. Lepus alleni

    Research thread #2: how does your herbivory effect your interaction with the broader community?

    I feel I relate much less to many predatory therians, but only minorly more to non-leporid herbivore type therians. Though the skittish nature is prevalent in many prey animals, I've found my most specific experiences to only be found within bunny nature. I do feel like it effects how I interact...
  19. Lepus alleni

    Research thread #2: how does your herbivory effect your interaction with the broader community?

    Do you feel you relate different to canine or feline therians than when you meet another herbavore species that isn't your own? Do you feel it effects your relationship with these other alterhumans? Do you feel any 'irrational' instincts around them, such as your gut telling you to run...
  20. Lepus alleni

    Research thread #1: does your theriotype effect how you eat?

    For myself, it doesn't get to me much. When I was younger I had tried to be vegetarian, but it didn't last. So for the first part of this question, no, I am not vegetarian or vegen. I only avoid dairy as I am lactose intolerant, but eat eggs regularly as a staple. It's hard to say if this is...