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Search results

  1. Ninetails

    Benedict Cumberbatch Game

    Benedict. ime etpatgcj
  2. Ninetails

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

    Yeah I've met 1 other person and that's it.
  3. Ninetails

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

    Yes, they're my primary fictotype.
  4. Ninetails

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

  5. Ninetails

    Any other Witches here besides me?

    I'm an eclectic witch, though most of my path is private between my coven and myself.
  6. Ninetails

    How good is Amino?

    I do feel the need to mention that we have talked to the staff and things have been resolved for the most part. The amino is under new leadership and seems to have improved since this happened.
  7. Ninetails

    What are your unusual interests?

    I'm really into the paranormal or anything mysterious. I'll spend hours watching creepy YouTube videos about anything paranormal. I'm also into learning about lost media. I've never had the energy to help and search for any lost media, but I enjoy hearing about leads and updates as well as...
  8. Ninetails

    Overlapping Kintypes?

    Yes I have heard of it and looked into it. However, as far as I'm aware it does not encompass fictional identities, so I'm not sure if that's the right term.
  9. Ninetails

    Overlapping Kintypes?

    Hey all! This is something I've been struggling with, though I haven't seen talked about a lot. That is, having multiple kintypes that overlap. For example, my main type is ninetails from Okami, who is a fictional fox, but I also have a red fox theriotype. I identify as BOTH of these, but they...
  10. Ninetails

    You Just Died...The Tenth Photo in Your Gallery is What Killed You

    My cat killed me... so surprise there.
  11. Ninetails

    Cursed Images

  12. Ninetails

    Catering your living space to a therian lifestyle

    I used to beleive I was a wolf and collected a LOT of wolf stuff during that time, so my whole room is wolf themed, which I still love. I feel spiritually connected to wolves and they are also a copinglink. I also have fake plants around my room to make it feel more like a forest, which helps...
  13. Ninetails

    Benedict Cumberbatch Game

    Benedict c8mbetha6ch
  14. Ninetails

    Origins of your username

    We just chose the name of our dominant kintype. There's not much else behind it other than that...
  15. Ninetails

    Phantom shifts

    Despite ninetails being our dominant kintype, we actually don't get phantom shifts of them often, though when we do it's weird. For starters, we feel we should be much bigger. Ninetails can also stick thier tails underground and sometimes we can feel our tails doing so. I also have phantom...
  16. Ninetails

    Gear and thoughts

    Thats super exciting! we've been wanting a new collar. We like to wear choker collars despite being foxes and not domestic animals. It helps us feel more animalistic. We will also wear tails from time to time but not as much.