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Search results

  1. Amber

    Psychology of non-human souls

    A question for everybody keen in psychology here. I wonder if there is (or ever was) a psychological analysis of otherkin that actually tries to extend classical psychology by accepting the possibility of non-human souls, and constructing a sound theory around that - maybe extending the...
  2. Amber

    Plural systems: listening and learning skills

    I just remembered something I was always wondering about... basic, but maybe best split this up into three questions: If I tell something to the person currently fronting in a plural system, will the others also listen, i.e. will they know what I've told?   If the person currently fronting...
  3. Amber

    Did I experience a mind shift?

    I have a complex question that is very important for me. Sorry, but I'll need a few more words. In a blog entry, I described an event that happened to me during Christmas 2018. It started at Dec 24th and was induced by external emotional stimuli (music, fantastic literature, lots of free time)...
  4. Amber

    Anyone active somewhere else, too?

    Is anyone generally active in other communities as well? I'm just curious...