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Search results

  1. Fungus

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    Late reply, but I just wanted to say that I didn't catch the packmate part of your post, so I didn't intend it as calling you out or anything. I'm just old and a bit jaded. I made something like 50 tails? I don't remember. But yeah it's nice to find people you can connect with.
  2. Fungus

    Would you wear therian gear in public??

    I associate "therian gear" so much at this point with kids making packs and role playing that it just doesn't appeal to me as a real form of self expression. I used to make tails for people several years ago. Generally as I've gotten older I like more subtle, elegant things anyways. I've worn an...
  3. Fungus

    Psychological vs "agnostic"

    Originally I posted that I fell into the psychological camp and after talking through it more with someone I realized that I don't. Psychological otherkin implies a concrete psychological explanation or theory, which I don't have, and I think someone acknowledging that their brain/nervous...
  4. Fungus

    Lines in the Woods

    In an attempt to be relevant I named this lines in the woods because of deer trails. I'm bad at naming things, but it'll do.