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Search results

  1. Jeb_CC

    The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?

    I am unsure of who you are. You appear human, but you could have other insidious abilities up your sleeve. I guess I'll just run, better cautious than out of my depth! Edit: huh, is this how wild animals feel when they meet humans? No wonder they all run.
  2. Jeb_CC

    Write a Story Prompt

    This is an idea I thought of last night, will see how it goes. I start with a story prompt, just a short sentence. Can be a question, a statement, anything. Go wild. Then someone responds with a short extension of that prompt with something creative they come up with. They then make another...
  3. Jeb_CC

    What am I?

    Sounds like you're wolfhearted or foxhearted. Everyone has a different experience though. No Otherkin is quite the same, so you still could possibly be Otherkin depending on how you feel about it and your experiences. I think the average differences are that Otherkin.. - Do not feel a sense of...
  4. Jeb_CC

    The Hired Game

    Hired because having an employee who doesn't care for politics will mean less drama and conflict in the workspace.
  5. Jeb_CC

    Comment by 'Jeb_CC' in 'People in General are Sucking the Soul out of my Body'

    I have two Google accounts as well, and only for organisation purposes! I also prefer personal and serious subjects, conversations that make an impact. I definitely will PM you at some point. I had some stuff I wanted to refer by you anyway. 'Constant primate social dominance games' - that is...
  6. Jeb_CC

    Favourite Quotes

    One of my favourite quotes that defines my view on religion and God. - Marcus Aurelius
  7. Jeb_CC

    People in General are Sucking the Soul out of my Body

    In relation to my previous blog post, I made the decision to ditch majority of my social media. In these weeks of self reflection, I realise possibly that I may just loathe most of online interaction in general. The exceptions - places for actual thought and discussion, and not a mindless spew...
  8. Jeb_CC


    Oh yeah, I don't take sides. I just go for the most logical and reasonable solution. PS. I hate the Imperial measuring system.
  9. Jeb_CC


    Petrol is an interesting one. It appears that the word gasoline derived from a trademarked title. "The term is thought to have been influenced by the trademark "Cazeline" or "Gazeline", named after the surname of British publisher, coffee merchant, and social campaigner John Cassell." However...
  10. Jeb_CC

    The Banned Game

    Banned for comparing yourself to others
  11. Jeb_CC

    Favourite Quotes

    My all time favourite quote - "I am immortal until proven otherwise". In one sentence, there's a sense of courage, mystery, disbelief, doubt, ego, and an overall sense of "I'm damn powerful". It motivates me in a strange way. I also like offensive quotes. "No wonder you won't listen to me...
  12. Jeb_CC


    Oh no, is the only reason it's called Jell-O because of capitalistic marketing? It's a brand, not the name of an actual food!
  13. Jeb_CC


    Did I stutter? :')
  14. Jeb_CC


    All of those images look very delicious, and I am now hungry. Though it bothers me that hot chips are the same chips as chips - or 'crisps'. I think crisp makes more sense than having another chip.
  15. Jeb_CC

    Never have I ever

    Ah yes, I live on an island state that's why. We don't get much culture down here. I think I stalked someone just so I knew how to best avoid them. It's about the opposite of what a stalker usually does. Never have I ever stayed awake longer than 24 hours.
  16. Jeb_CC


    I'm pretty ambivalent about regionally differing words. They all have their origins. Although, I don't find the word 'sweatshirt' to be very appealing. I prefer not to sweat in enclosed attire. If you're sweating in a jumper, take it off.
  17. Jeb_CC

    The Daily Positivity Thread

    Finished a good portion of my new Discord Bot today. It's my first real go at web crawling, 600 lines programmed in 6 straight hours! Phew.
  18. Jeb_CC

    Never have I ever

    I did as a child. Then I realised, people handle those things... with their hands. Never again. Neither. I was well behaved. Never have I ever hosted a party.
  19. Jeb_CC

    The last one to comment on this thread wins!

    I cannot recall if ever mentioned but I am Australian too! Nice to meet another like minded Australian. My memory is... terrible these days. Not sure if it's because of shifting or something else. Yesterday I paid for my lunch at a bakery.. then went to pay again 5 seconds afterwards.
  20. Jeb_CC

    What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

    The hardly distinguishable lyrics and heavy beat brings me affirmative comfort.