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  1. Lighter

    What am I?

    If you identify as 100% human and feel a strong connection to wolves and foxes, it is likely that you are wolf- and foxhearted. However, if you feel that you are not fully human, but rather a wolf or a fox, you might want to read about otherkin. I agree.
  2. Lighter

    Let's make a random character

    Likes stop motion anime and big trees, dislikes pollution and injustice.
  3. Alex Jones New World Order Remix

    Alex Jones New World Order Remix

  4. Lighter

    Just a little something to make someone's day

    This is so hilarious!!! I just have to share it:
  5. Lighter

    How to use analytical psychology in relation to your kintype?

    There's someone called Red-in-Tooth who has applied analytical psychology to refine the understanding of his kintype (At least that's what it looks like to me). How can analytical psychology be used this way? Surely it doesn't end with personality testing...
  6. Lighter

    Questions about Vampirism

    I've got a few questions about Vampirism: Can a Vampire feed on anything, or is feeding limited to blood, psychic energy and sex? What differentiates feeding from other physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs? What are common symptoms of not feeding enough? Are certain kintypes more...
  7. Lighter

    Comment by 'Lighter' in 'People in General are Sucking the Soul out of my Body'

    I am happy, curious and waiting... pm me when the time is right.
  8. Lighter

    Favourite Quotes

    "Avoid vulnerability, seek superiority." - The narcissist slogan. "I am everything (and nothing) and everyone is me." - The narcissist mindset. As for my favorite quotes, I have already posted them here: fave qoutess
  9. Lighter

    Comment by 'Lighter' in 'People in General are Sucking the Soul out of my Body'

    I can relate to so much of what you describe here! It's one of the reasons why I don't have social media (aside from 2 Google accounts). And I hate small talk, cause I want to talk about personal and serious subjects. When I need help with something, I don't want to chat or crack jokes, I want a...
  10. Lighter

    Discord idea

    What do you even mean? Please be more specific in your description.
  11. Lighter

    What symbols do you like / are you drawn to?

    I felt drawn to the inverted pentagram when I was 12 years old. The symbols I like most are the Inverted Pentagram and the Sigil of Lucifer. What about your preferences?
  12. Lighter

    Dragon Kin

    Just like @Evernight said, please be more specific in what you want and start a group for Dragonkin or post some media related to dragons. There will not be subforums dedicated to only one kintype.
  13. Lighter

    Resource "Hubs"

    Thank you! :closedgrin: I have just thought about filtering for categories...
  14. Lighter

    Never have I ever

    I have graffitied. If writing "Nasal sausage politician" onto an election poster counts. Never have I ever watched a Fast & Furious movie.
  15. Lighter

    The Daily Positivity Thread

    Reading "The Demonologist" by Gerald Brittle makes me feel good. :grinwiggle:
  16. Lighter

    Resource "Hubs"

    "Article forums" is a good idea. But maybe something similar to the groups when it comes to listing the hubs? What about something like this? In my opinion yes, for users can suggest improvements or point out missing information in the comments. This makes them advantageous. Also I have...
  17. Lighter

    Comment by 'Lighter' in 'Satariel introduces himself'

    Your experiences are very interesting. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.
  18. Lighter

    Comment by 'Lighter' in media 'il_794xN.2411977778_7p5f.jpg'

    Don't like it, partly because I can't relate to it at all.
  19. Lighter

    Resource "Hubs"

    We've got the Articles and they are very informative, but mostly about Otherkinity. I have thought about "hubs" or something similar for resources on other topics, for example: DIY gear / fursuit making Psychology Spirituality Don't know if it's a good idea though.
  20. Lighter

    Any other Witches here besides me?

    No problem. Aleister Crowley added a k at the end of magic in order to differentiate his ritualistic magic from stage magic: The Difference Between Magic and Magick