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  1. Naia

    Image(s) of your synpath(s)?

    The purpose of this thread is for sharing images of your synpaths, Please try not to derail the thread with side conversation.
  2. Naia

    New gender identity's and sexuality's.

    I have added the options suggested, but we will not be turning the field into a text field at this time.
  3. Naia

    Pride Paws UwU

    We will be adding the xenogender pride paw. We likely won't add the neopronoun one as it does not represent a specific sexuality or gender identity.
  4. Naia

    Site Updates

    It's way beyond time for site updates at this point, so here's what we've added: Discord Settings You now have the ability to opt-out of KinBot's Discord notifications from your preferences page. Primary Identity Field Endel option added. KinShop Additions Endel Badge (Suggestion #3102)...
  5. Naia

    Dragon Kin

    This is better suited as a group; thanks!
  6. Naia

    Discord idea

  7. Naia

    Pride Paws UwU

    All of the flags suggested in @CHILL_BEAN's original post have been made into Pride Paws and are immediately available in the shop. I am hesitant to add a "kingender" pride paw because Kinmunity takes the stance that kintype and gender are separate attributes. i.e - your kintype has a gender...
  8. Naia

    Voice Chat.

    This will not be implemented, as we do not intend to run a voice chat server. I've experimented with a couple of options in the past, such as Mumble with a web client and Single Sign-On, but ultimately, we will defer to our Discord server for voice chat.
  9. Naia

    Endel Badge

    Hello, This has been officially implemented as a KinShop item. You can find it here. We have also listed Endel as a Primary Identity type for profile selection. Thank you for helping to make Kinmunity a better place for all!
  10. Naia

    Emails (Including Activation Emails)

    We are investigating an email deliverability issue effecting multiple users, especially users of,, and other Microsoft email providers. During our investigation, we have discovered the following information: Anti-Spam provider "UCEPROTECTL3" lists all IP addresses...
  11. Naia

    Endel Badge

    Are we permitted to use the artwork provided as an example in the thread? Do you own it?
  12. Naia

    Resource "Hubs"

    The main issue I have with this proposed layout is that it's "heavy" and it takes too many clicks to get to anything of value. The node -> subnode -> subnode -> content flow also has this issue, so this would probably require more consideration in properly implementing. A custom page to handle...
  13. Naia

    Resource "Hubs"

    I am potentially interested in implementing this, but I have a few questions about how the feature should work, and what form it should take. Specifically, here's what I have questions about: What "format" should the hubs be? Currently, I am considering making them "article forums", similar to...
  14. Naia

    Flash Donation Drive

    Hello, The next two people who donate $30 or more will receive: Lifetime +Primal Subscription 1yr VIP Subscription. If more than two people donate around the same time, I'll extend the benefits to them as well for trying. CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  15. Naia

    CNN Anchor once wrote about otherkin at her uni

    Please provide more information when making a claim about a public figure. This post is unverifiable.
  16. Naia

    Successful Server Move

    As you may have noticed by the small period of downtime, Kinmunity has moved to another server. This move was performed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: more storage space more processing power more RAM separation between Lycanthropy LLC production and testing grounds...
  17. Naia

    also; hi, welcome, I love you.

    also; hi, welcome, I love you.
  18. Naia


    The green verified badge on Kinmunity lets people know that a user of public interest's identity has confirmed by Kinmunity Staff and that they are an authentic person. Kinmunity Staff work diligently to seek out and approach well-known members of the communities we serve to help them achieve...
  19. Naia

    Under New Management

    Kinmunity is under new management.... but, also no. As of April 7th 2021, Kinmunity is now owned by Lycanthropy LLC. Lycanthropy LLC is a limited liability corporation, of which, I am the sole member and organizer. This change should mean absolutely nothing to you, but it is my responsibility...
  20. Naia

    Mute Forums and Threads

    Hi; you can now IGNORE threads and forums.