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  1. Naia

    What's Therianthropy? | Closing

    In closing… What’s written above should be the basics. If you’re still unsure of things, you should take a good look at yourself, and at the resources available to you. It may take time, introspection, and more studying, but eventually you should be able to answer your own question. Are you a...
  2. Naia

    What's Therianthropy? | Shifting

    Shifting is a change of state. More specifically, it is when a therianthrope’s “becomes” more like their Theriotype. For your reference, some of the most common types of shifts and their definition are below. Along with a key indicated how accepted they are in the community. (M)ental Shift –...
  3. Naia

    What's Therianthropy?

    So, what exactly is a therian, anyway? Therianthropy is categorized by a deep integral or personal belief that you, are in some way, a non-human animal. External factors (being hairy, having heightened senses, barking, howling, etc.) are irrelevant to whether you’re a therian or not...
  4. Naia

    Otherkin Definition

    Definition On our community, to avoid any confusion, we use a very specific definition when referring to otherkin. While there are many different definitions of what qualifies as otherkin, we apply the following definition: Otherkin as an umbrella term On Kinmunity, we generally use the term...
  5. Naia

    Terminology & Lexicon

    A brief listing of terms used in the alterhuman community, as well as the definitions for the aforementioned terms. Alterhumanity- A subjective identity that is beyond the scope of what is traditionally considered ‘being human’. Otherkin- People who identify either partially or wholly as one...