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  1. Naia

    Site Updates

    It's way beyond time for site updates at this point, so here's what we've added: Discord Settings You now have the ability to opt-out of KinBot's Discord notifications from your preferences page. Primary Identity Field Endel option added. KinShop Additions Endel Badge (Suggestion #3102)...
  2. Naia

    Emails (Including Activation Emails)

    We are investigating an email deliverability issue effecting multiple users, especially users of,, and other Microsoft email providers. During our investigation, we have discovered the following information: Anti-Spam provider "UCEPROTECTL3" lists all IP addresses...
  3. Naia

    Flash Donation Drive

    Hello, The next two people who donate $30 or more will receive: Lifetime +Primal Subscription 1yr VIP Subscription. If more than two people donate around the same time, I'll extend the benefits to them as well for trying. CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  4. Naia

    Successful Server Move

    As you may have noticed by the small period of downtime, Kinmunity has moved to another server. This move was performed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: more storage space more processing power more RAM separation between Lycanthropy LLC production and testing grounds...
  5. Naia


    The green verified badge on Kinmunity lets people know that a user of public interest's identity has confirmed by Kinmunity Staff and that they are an authentic person. Kinmunity Staff work diligently to seek out and approach well-known members of the communities we serve to help them achieve...
  6. Naia

    Under New Management

    Kinmunity is under new management.... but, also no. As of April 7th 2021, Kinmunity is now owned by Lycanthropy LLC. Lycanthropy LLC is a limited liability corporation, of which, I am the sole member and organizer. This change should mean absolutely nothing to you, but it is my responsibility...
  7. Naia

    An update is afoot!

    You know, it seems like we're updating the site on the daily now. After a prolonged period of inactivity as far as development and updates on Kinmunity are concerned, it only makes sense to make up for that by releasing new stuff as much as we can! This update is a slightly smaller than some of...
  8. Naia

    A site update? Oh my!

    The first way to start off this update is to announce that we've got some new forums. We don't normally add forums which are suggested to us as we have plenty of discussion forums on the site, and for most things, it is easier to just have users create their own areas using our social groups...
  9. Naia

    Site Updates (yay)

    Woo! It's update time again! Major Layout Changes "What's New" is now front and center, as it allows members to easily discover new content. "Tickets" tab is now tucked away in the "Members" section, as there is a redirect forum linking to the ticket center as-is. We've rearranged where...
  10. Naia

    Kintype Database

    Hello, Kinmunity is collecting information for a Kintype database. Please respond with your kintype if you wish to contribute, noting the following rules. Be as specific as possible, when it comes down to species and subspecies. ex. Naia is a "British Columbia Wolf", not a "wolf", "grey...
  11. Naia

    Security Notice - Therian-Guide

    DISCONTINUE USE OF THERIAN-GUIDE – DO NOT VISIT! Original Post re: Therian-Guide Allegation (archive), (image), (image archive) Recent allegations made against The Therian Guide have caused the safety of the site to be called into question. Particularly, at this time, I believe the site to be...
  12. Naia

    Read First: Requirements & Prerequisites

    Minimum Qualifications to apply Kinmunity takes its elder program very seriously. As such, before a person can apply for the position, they must meet a rigid set of requirements outlined below. These requirements are automatically enforced by the application system, and you will not be able to...
  13. Naia

    Major Updates

    While it may seem like the administration team of Kinmunity isn't doing much at times, the truth is, we normally work behind the scenes to bring new features and improved stability to the site. With that in mind, I present you with one of the biggest updates we've had in a long while. This...
  14. Naia

    Referral System

    You'll notice upon logging in to Kinmunity, you will now have a referral link visible to you. This link can be used to invite somebody to the site, and can be placed in signatures on other forums, or other places. There's rewards available for bringing people on to the site. You'll receive 45...
  15. Naia

    Donations Needed

    As you know, Kinmunity is funded almost entirely out of pocket by @Alynna and myself. As it currently stands, I am facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and would greatly appreciate assistance, as I pay approximately $36 / mo to keep the site up and that bill is coming due...
  16. Naia

    Chat System

    We currently have an on-site chat system, Discord, and an IRC channel. This is a high level of redundancy that I'm not exactly sure we need. So, I'm going to leave it up to our members -- what should be done?
  17. Naia


    It's been a while since a major update was introduced to the site. Actually, it's been about three months I believe! I think more than enough time has passed and that it's time to introduce some exciting new changes to Kinmunity. Our site has been updated once again, and hopefully will bring you...
  18. Naia

    Major update in progress

    Kinmunity is undergoing a major system update, please pardon the dust.
  19. Naia

    Important Notice

    @Alynna has been given full admin rights (same access as me). She was an original founder of Kinmunity and has stepped up to help with a lot of things. I am going through a lot in my personal life right now and I no longer wish to be the public face of the site. My notority and "fame" if you...
  20. Naia

    Welcome, Alynna.

    Many of you may not know this, but the original Kinmunity was the brain-child of myself and @Alynna. We founded the original site back in 2014 after the closure of Wulf Howl. The site has gone through many incarnations since then, but ultimately retains the original concepts that Alynna and I...