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Search results

  1. nikitt

    what is something mildly disturbing that you did as a child

    cw//medical terms, stuffed toy m*tilation i'll go first, i performed on my toys that were basically and replacing it with another toy's stuffing
  2. nikitt

    cglre/agere sfw thread <3

    <<Complete this form <3
  3. nikitt

    hopes and dreams for the future

    so i have this entire future planned out for myself. wanna hear it, here it go. so i'll be living in a stone cottage at the edge of the woods with my quasiplatonic partner, who has a green thumb bc gods know i couldn't keep a plant alive to save my own life. we'll have a wild garden in the back...
  4. nikitt

    goblincore thread

    so i'm lowkey bored and i wanted to know if anyone else on the server is goblincore. if so, can we just turn this into a chat about all things goblin?
  5. nikitt

    so uh wrong answers only

    The premise is simple. I ask a question, you say something completely unrelated and ask a question. It goes on from there. Okay, so...what's your favorite color?