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  1. DemiTrix

    Can kins have age regression?

    So, I can't really find a lot online about kinning, but is it possible for your kin to have age regression? I have a kin, and whenever I kinshift them, if there is a storm I seem to age regress to a younger version of them. Now, if kins can age regress, I at least know it has to do with their...
  2. DemiTrix

    I feel like my kins are mixing?

    So, I kin Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Ichigo Kurosaki (Pretty much a permakin), And for some reason it's starting to feel like I'm kinning them both at once? Like I'm having a physical and slightly mental shift for Mayuri... But I'm definitely having a mental shift for Ichigo? I don't know what's...