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  1. PoppyRose

    Re: Different animals

    I feel like animals that hurt one another and  feel like this is wrong i want to know if this is ok and if anyone is in a similar situation as me and if I can talk to them for support. please help me
  2. PoppyRose

    Calling all horses

    Hey horses how are you what do you look like in your horse form 
  3. PoppyRose

    Different animals?

    I am animal-hearted and I feel as a wolf, dog , and........horse is feeling like a animal on the other side of the spectrum of the other animals ok? I’m i the only one? If not who else is like me and can I talk to them for support
  4. PoppyRose

    Who else was lost on what they were Untell the saw this place on YouTube

    Hey how did you find this place