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Search results

  1. Shezep

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    My favorite currently is Valheim. It's just a nice place to spend a few hours. It has beautiful scenery, building my own farm, slaughtering the neighbors who think I'm too loud while chopping down murderous trees. I've replayed it many times. In the past I've played Subnatuica, both of them...
  2. Shezep

    A polymorph and an Angel seeking advice

    I am both a polymorph and genderfluid. That doesn't mean that all polymorphs are genderfluid, but it probably does increase the chances that you're more flexible about the idea than most people. As for the divine question, you're human now, using a human brain, subject to human hormones, and...
  3. Shezep


    Don't worry too hard about what is normal and what isn't. Very few of us here are normal. Have you read up on the black dog myths? Maybe it isn't a regular canine species but something else. Keep your options open.
  4. Shezep


    It's probably too soon to jump onto that term. There is something called a cameo shift, which can happen to anyone. It means that you can shift into something that is not your usual kintype. It's usually temporary, but it can feel just as strong as a regular kintype shift. In my opinion...
  5. Shezep

    Help with my kintype

    It's not necessary to be super connected to your theriotypes all the time. Sometimes they just take a backseat for awhile. If you found the right one, it will still be there later, whether you want it to be or not. There's no rush to pin it down. It will take time to separate what sticks from...
  6. Shezep

    How does one intentionally dream shift?

    Heck I can't even make myself wear clothes in public all the time. Flying seems to be the closest I get and it's more like floating with a purpose than actually using wings and air currents. So, um, I don't know.
  7. Shezep

    Phantom Limbs question

    There have been a few people who have proposed classifications for different types of phantom shifting, but none of those have really caught on. So there isn't really any classification concerning how often you have phantom limbs.
  8. Shezep

    Question from a new therian

    Not all theriotypes run on four legs, and if I needed to fly in order to experience a shift, I would have a huge problem.
  9. Shezep

    How to get kin memories?

    I would tell you to go check out some of the other threads where this has been asked....but where did they go? What happened to the Q&A section? Anyway, there is no real way to make memories appear, unless you're making them up yourself. It's usually random chance whether they appear or not...
  10. Shezep

    What songs/bands/singers are you currently obsessed with?

    My goto playlist has over a hundred songs on it now, so I'm not really obsessed with any in particular, but this was the most recent add. It's an instrumental, most of the other songs on the list aren't. It's very soothing. Maenam by Jami Sieber
  11. Shezep

    Your own profile is out to kill you, how screwed are you?

    Those talons! That beak! It probably doesn't know the Mongolian hunting eagle go-for-the-eyes trick though. This would lead to a very unfun trip to a hospital at the very least. I should stay indoors.
  12. Shezep

    What's something that you assumed was normal until someone told you otherwise?

    I've gotten shivers at times. It seems tied to energy stuff for me and it seems like no big deal. I would be concerned about the brain blank part though. Getting that checked out might be a good idea.
  13. Shezep

    What's something that you assumed was normal until someone told you otherwise?

    I've always had better than 20/20 vision and sometimes I get reminded that not everyone can read that sign from three blocks away. No wonder people depend on GPS systems to get around. (Age is starting to catch up to me though and I had to invest in some reading glasses that I only use...
  14. Shezep

    Does anyone else do anything like this?

    I used to draw imaginary bows at people when I was in elementary school. These days I'm more likely to imagine myself as a gigantic hawk that uses beak and talons to rip into cars that intentionally lack mufflers or have loud stereos.
  15. Shezep

    Past Humanity Poll

    You're missing an "I don't know" answer. According to the Lore, Heru has had many incarnations. Pretty much every Pharaoh is said to be a "Living Heru." I don't necessarily believe that every single one was, but, probably quite a few were. I also believe that not all of his incarnations were...
  16. Shezep

    Roast your kintype!

    I used to do this all the time when I was feeling uncomfortable with my type until I got told to stop it. But even so... "Closeted bisexual momma's boy who wears too much eye makeup" was one of my favorites.
  17. Shezep

    Technological advancements you wish to see within your lifetime.

    Really truly genuinely self-driving cars. My wife can't drive and my daughter is too scared to drive. Not to mention it would solve the problem of people texting while driving. Implantable lab on a chip, not just for diabetics but for everyone. Keep your telehealth doctor up to date and lower...
  18. Shezep

    Would a warrior cats kin count as a therian?

    Warrior cats are very humanized. They think and act like humans, even if they do depend on their noses a lot. They're not the same as actual feral cats. For that reason, I'd say no.
  19. Shezep

    How would you change your home to fit your kintype?

    It would be further up the mountain for a good view, and probably have a nice sheltered courtyard, and lots of skylights. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money.