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Search results

  1. The Boys

    New Fictionkin Symbol

    Hi, I recently realized that the fictionkin symbol on here is actually the treble ampersand, which is a plural pride symbol. I realize that there are not many other options as of now, but maybe this is something to keep in mind. I am interested in making a symbol, but there is also an...
  2. The Boys

    Rearranging Badges?

    Maybe it's just me, but I would like to organize my badges. They feel out of order. This isn't a big deal, though.
  3. The Boys

    What is your fursona?

    Mine is a blue barn owl. Barn owls are a very significant animal for me, and I feel very attached to the color blue. He's a very simplistic dude... I don't have any pictures of him that I like, but I'll share when I make something.
  4. The Boys


    I'm 2D from the band Gorillaz! I'm spiritually fictionkin, but it bleeds into my psychological being. I believe that I was reincarnated, but my soul still stayed the same. I awakened as fictionkin in 2018. I have had moments of doubt, but they're less frequent now.