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  1. The Boys

    Check out our tumblr blog!

    We will be posting content about alterhumanity, plurality, and plural self advocacy. Hopefully we can keep it somewhat active. We will try to keep it a hate free zone, but there will be some "syscourse". We will keep it to just mature discussions instead of slandering either side. We are not...
  2. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'y'all ever read the reviews of your source?'

    Murdoc: I don't look for them, because I know the writing sucks. I'll probably end up seeing them anyways. I don't want to see negative reviews of the music.
  3. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'Here’s the other image of my self care kit! Oops!'

    Awesome! What inspired you to make this? I might do something similar.
  4. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'I'm questioning a new kintype...'

    It is a wig for genitals lol
  5. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'I'm questioning a new kintype...'

    This may be a bit awkward... A merkin is something NSFW. I've some people use merfolk or merfolkkin instead. As for questioning, do you find yourself drawn to any particular body of water? Or any particular legends? These can help you figure yourself out. Good luck! :)
  6. Realizing I am Barn Owl Hearted

    Realizing I am Barn Owl Hearted

    I've been wondering if I count as otherhearted, and after reading through the otherhearts forum it seems I am. I have a deep spiritual connection to owls, especially barn owls. The symbolism of barn owls is very important to me. It is very deep, and it is representative of me spiritually...
  7. I'm starting to write (weird) songs

    I'm starting to write (weird) songs

    I started singing more, and it is easier to fully do it now that I'm on T. It's because I'm more comfortable with my voice now. It made me realize (again) that I want to write my own lyrics. I've been kind of learning music theory for a while now... I have a hard time getting deep with lyrics...
  8. Butterflies Trust Me, I Don't Know Why

    Butterflies Trust Me, I Don't Know Why

    I thought maybe I'd write more about an experience I just had. I noticed recently that butterflies let me get real close to them. Like, so close that I can see their little hairs and other details. They used to fly away before I could get close to them. I took some close up pictures of one. I...
  9. The Boys

    My singing voice

    I noticed something weird when I was like... around 14. When I sing my accent changes. I'm American, but my fictotype is British. It used to be slight, but now it is more obvious. It is validating, but I don't know how I will explain if anyone notices and asks about it. I actually cannot...
  10. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'my twin flame is coming back??'

    Twin flames is when one soul incarnates into two different bodies. It's like soulmates to the extreme.
  11. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'Making a website! :D'

    I have started something like that on fictionkin, but I should also do it for otherkin.
  12. The Boys

    Making a website! :D

    I'm not promoting anything, I'm just excited! I'm making a site where I will discuss my own experiences with being otherkin, fictionkin, and my multiplicity. I am making it on Google sites. Google sites is limited, but free. I've made it work so far. There doesn't seem to be a limit to sub...
  13. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'Reintroduction'

    Nice introduction! I should probably remake my own. Also, if you have trauma, it's not uncommon to doubt if it is actually enough for PTSD or any trauma disorder, especially in complex PTSD (which I am familiar with). Feeling like it wasn't bad enough can be a major symptom of trauma. What...
  14. The Boys

    Comment by 'The Boys' in 'New first entry'

    If your headmates appeared as a character, maybe fictive would be a better fit?
  15. The Boys

    Astral Adventures #1

    A good thing to have as an astral or spirit worker is an astral home, which can also be called an astral temple. It is a space on the astral plane that is completely yours, unless you invite anyone else in. You still need to protect it with wards, because unwanted spirits may still enter the...
  16. The Boys

    Exploring My Connection With Water

    I've always felt very connected to the element of water, but I'm not entirely sure why. It's always been the element that I associate with me. I have loved the ocean, and I've loved being in or by the water for as long as I can remember. I felt strongly drawn to the ocean in particular when I...
  17. The Boys

    A Place Between Worlds 🌙

    This is the blog for spiritual stuff. This includes things relating to my kintypes and my spiritual practices. I am a witch, astral worker, and spirit worker.
  18. The Boys

    Thoughts and Rambles

    This is my blog for more personal happenings