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Search results

  1. Chime

    look at this bat

    I play Monster Hunter World and the Paolumu is one of my favorites. It does hurt my heart a little every time I have to hunt it, but I enjoy looking at this adorable bat monster.
  2. Chime

    Row v Wade Overturned

    I can't choose between either side. They both are just as bad. With either choice lives will be lost. Honestly, I believe that what we need is to improve birth control and make it affordable. That way there will be no need to decide whether or not to end a life. I do think that abortion should...
  3. Chime

    The daily anything thread.

    I can relate. This had happened to me the night before. I had to spend almost an hour trying to stop the nose bleed. My guess it was an internal nosebleed because it came out of my mouth just standing straight up. I hate those. I've had constant nosebleeds since I was 4. All because I stuffed a...
  4. Chime

    The daily anything thread.

    This makes me laugh hard every time I see it.
  5. Chime

    Daily Thought

    I wish winter was back again. Even if I have to suffer sleeping through the negative temperatures because my room has no source of heat. My room also has no air conditioner. So I also have to deal with the heat of summer. Personally a freezing room is better than a hot one. I can escape the cold...
  6. Chime

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    I replay a lot of my games so I got a big list: both Subnautica games, both Horizon games, God of War, Gears of War, Minecraft, all three Bioshock games, all three Dead space games, Smash Bros. , Sims 3, Lego games, Jet Force Gemini, Mario 64, Monster Hunter ( World, Rise, and Generations )...
  7. Chime

    Chirping water whistle!

    Ah this brings back some good memories. When I was in Mexico, you'll see these being sold in the market just outside of church. My grandma bought me a few. Along with marbles, spin tops and shaved ice. I always had to buy new spin tops and marbles because I would loose them in games.
  8. Chime

    I've achieved a milestone today and my spirit feels much lighter. It is a sign that I can still...

    I've achieved a milestone today and my spirit feels much lighter. It is a sign that I can still change and have the power to improve my life for the better. I can still do this and I must not give up.
  9. Chime

    Would you rather

    Blissful ignorance for me. WYR eat the spiciest food on the planet or eat a live octopus?
  10. Chime

    Would you rather

    Would bathing in a river or below a waterfall count? How about rainstorms and oceans? Buckets? Because if they don't count, then I prefer to never use a shower or a bathtub, if that is what is meant by shower and bath. I don't think I want to give up my freedom. WYR be mentally exhausted or...
  11. Chime

    How does one intentionally dream shift?

    I wish I could help you here, but I don't even know how I do it myself. For me being wolf in dreams feels just as natural as being human in the waking world. Maybe you could try looking at some media on caracals or try daydreaming before drifting off to sleep.
  12. Chime

    Question from a new therian

    No you do not. Shifting can happen anytime and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Some experience it through meditation and for others, like me, through emotions. There are some who would use gear and quadrobics to help trigger a shift, but it's not always necessary. It's okay if you can...
  13. Chime

    Superpowers and side effects

    Bullets can still rupture your blood vessels, break some bones, and give you excruciating pain. Chameleon skin
  14. Chime

    What would you do if you could be yourself

    I only have kithtypes, but it will be nice to turn into them. If I turned into my wolf kithtype, I would run far from any human civilization and just be wolf in a forest. That and try my luck in hunting. Not sure if I'll be able to take down a deer though. I'll probably end up with bruises. If...
  15. Chime

    What irrational fears do you have?

    Same here. There are times when I have nightmares about this. Luckily for me sometimes there are heroes present. Just last night I had the pleasure of fighting off aliens along side the Power Rangers. It was awesome.
  16. Chime

    Anyone else remember these videos?

    I saw these kind of videos pop up often when I was researching alterhumanity and animal guides. I tried the "meet your spirit animal" ones, but I find it really hard to concentrate when someone is speaking. That and for some reason the music they chose just made my ears hurt.
  17. Chime

    Hope its not corona. I had that hit me twice. Once before the shutdown and the new variant after...

    Hope its not corona. I had that hit me twice. Once before the shutdown and the new variant after the vaccine. The first time was the sickest I have ever been. I practically had every symptom ever, except a sore throat. The second time was just a runny nose and a headache.
  18. Chime

    What were your childhood toys?

    I had three toys that I loved so much. A large white Easter bunny, a puma beanie baby and a rolled up piece of deer fur. My most favorite being the deer fur. It was a toy of my own creation, so it deserved the most love. I even decorated it with a diamond necklace. I also played with flowers and...
  19. Chime

    What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

    I was challenged to drink a mixture of all sorts of condiments and food chunks. Looked like vomit, but tasted much worse. The taste will forever remain in my memory. Yuck.
  20. Chime

    Names are odd

    I wish people would call me by my birth name. It's so rare to hear it. The majority just give me a nickname or mispronounce it and then use a nickname. Even my own family prefers a nickname. I've met a few who would just use my last name. Also, my name gets misspelled a lot. Btw I have to...