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Search results

  1. frostfictionkind

    so... i have one more fictionkin identity, i believe. i'm Q from star trek.

    so... i have one more fictionkin identity, i believe. i'm Q from star trek.
  2. frostfictionkind

    How Do You Best Connect With Your Kintype?

    music is probably the best thing aside from going back to looking at my source material. i've got a whole playlist for shifts/stuff like that
  3. frostfictionkind

    Your own profile is out to kill you, how screwed are you?

    it is a lamppost. what's it gonna do, fall on me? :ROFLMAO:
  4. frostfictionkind

    Polykin: What's your most dominant kintype?

    my jonny shifts are the most frequent by far. i have eldritch shifts every so often, but it's not really frequent. i spend much longer in jonny shifts, and there's a lot more emotion attached to them.
  5. frostfictionkind

    What's a thing you do that really makes you feel your kintype?

    listening to music almost always puts me in a shift, and i have a few playlists with songs that i only really listen to in their respective shifts. outside of that, reading through my source material, dressing like my fictotype, reading through my logs of memories, and looking at media that...
  6. frostfictionkind

    Kintype Database

    an eldritch creature of some kind. fictionkin: jonny frost (dc comics), victor zsasz (gotham), pete (the youngblood chronicles)
  7. frostfictionkind

    Will you or have you ever told anyone in real life you where otherkin and how did it go?

    i actually told somebody just yesterday, but they're the only person who truly knows. they're fictionkin as well, which made it a lot easier to say anything. a few months ago, though, i was questioning being a system, and so i told another friend about that. i haven't told them about being...
  8. frostfictionkind

    are there things about yourself that you attribute to your kintypes?

    i'm bad at phrasing questions, so lemme elaborate- were/are there any moments in your life that made you think, "wow so that was my kintype peeking through"? things you did or feelings you had when you were younger? things you do now to alleviate dysphoria? personally, i've always felt a...
  9. frostfictionkind

    Your fave quote from a song?

    "lot of miles, lot of folds, i'm still findin' out who i am" - tread on me, matt maeson
  10. frostfictionkind

    questioning my identity as angelkin... i've always felt an affinity for the strange and...

    questioning my identity as angelkin... i've always felt an affinity for the strange and eldritch, so maybe eldritchkin would be a better fit for me. the weirdness of angelic forms was what i liked best about angels, and what led me to kinfirming as one. but i think i exist outside of heaven and...
  11. frostfictionkind

    What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

    tread on me by matt maeson, why'd you only call me when you're high by arctic monkeys, jealousy jealousy by olivia rodrigo, and love the way you lie by eminem seem to get me into fictionkin shifts the most.
  12. frostfictionkind

    y'all ever read the reviews of your source?

    trigger/content warning(s): negative talk about me/my source *just so we're all on the same page, i'm jonny, and i'm from brian azzarello's 2008 Joker comic. the first "review" i ever read of my source was on tumblr a few months ago. the person who wrote it obviously wasn't a huge fan of the...
  13. frostfictionkind

    jonny talks a lot

    hi, i'm jonny, and this is my blog where i talk about being fictionkin so i'm not spamming the forums every week. read on if you're interested!