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Search results

  1. mercurypigeon

    I need vacation suggestions

    I might just be a Twi-Hard but La Push in Washington State is absolutely gorgeous! And ofc if you're willing to go a little bit further the Red Woods are amazing as well!
  2. mercurypigeon


    I feel like this is a good place to make this distinction: Otherkin- People who identify either partially or wholly as one or more non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner; in a subconscious manner, not choosing their identity. Kinnie- someone who...
  3. mercurypigeon

    What am I?

    Shoot me a message whenever you want! I'm always down to chat.
  4. mercurypigeon

    What am I?

    As Foxy said, a connection doesn't equal a kintype nor do you even have to have a connection for something to be a kintype. For example, one of my kintypes is the Lynx. Outside of it being my kintype I never had nor currently do have any connection to it. The best way to figure out a kintype...
  5. mercurypigeon

    Fallen angels vs Demons

    Yeah what he said
  6. mercurypigeon

    Fallen angels vs Demons

    While not an angel or a demon myself, I am a spirit medium and have worked and studied in those realms. You can imagine terms like angel and demon to be more job descriptions than labels of them as a being. For example, when you enter a Starbucks you see many Starbucks employees (read...
  7. mercurypigeon

    Just any images you like.

    Bet. Take some dragons.
  8. mercurypigeon


    Oh, I'm sure it is. Just waiting on the Game Theory video about it.
  9. mercurypigeon


    This feels semi-paradoxical to me. If we took this outside of the realm of fictionkin, this statement is a bit off. If I were to say "I have always felt earth-like physics and I act very animal-like. I am an animal but I don't know which one" while, yes, it can be a true statement, it is a bit...
  10. mercurypigeon


    This is an inherently human trait. Look at movies like The Truman Show. What specifically makes you think you are from an animation instead of feeling like you are one?
  11. mercurypigeon


    Just because you might have a feeling, doesn't mean it's a kintype. For example, right now I am having a feeling that I might be a character from Poppy Playtime. However, looking at it more critically, I love the video game since chapter 1's original release and chapter 2 (that just came out) is...
  12. mercurypigeon

    What does your kintype look like

    For me, it's a combination of meditations, phantom shifts, dreams, and plain ole research. I mean, when I figured out I was a Eurasian Lynx, they only come in so many colors, so I could more easily assume.
  13. mercurypigeon

    Does your theriotype have to do with your race...?

    Nope. Natta. Zilch. Race plays no part in kintypes. Especially looking at it from a spiritual point of view: what purpose would arbitrarily following some weird primates viewing of other weird primates be? Nothing at all. If anything, living lives in places where another ethnicity resides and...
  14. mercurypigeon

    A polymorph and an Angel seeking advice

    On that polymorph question, I'm sure it does affect me in some way other than species identity but I never really notice unless the shift in form is abrupt or very different from my most shifted forms. I am genderfaun, a form of genderfluidity, which could be attributed to my polymorph identity.
  15. mercurypigeon


    It depends on the shift really. All of this is my personal experience of course. For phantom shifts, it's sort of like you're going about your day and you reach for your coke on the counter and instead flinch because you think you accidently bumped it over with your wings. Or you're at work...
  16. mercurypigeon

    Limit on kin types

    While, no, there isn't a limit on how many kintypes you can have, that doesn't mean you can say anything is a kintype. Each kintype needs to be "proven" in some way, let it be shifts, memories, meditations, etc to you so that you know it is you and what it is. While, yes, you can have 1, 5, 9...
  17. mercurypigeon


    Hi there, polymorph here! Over on my blog, I posted about my Otherkin identity, including what being a polymorph is like for me, if you want to check it out. Beyond that, to answer your question real fast: While this could be applied to polymorphs, there is a range of other identities it...
  18. mercurypigeon

    Original species and hybrids

    No need to apologize! You're still learning!
  19. mercurypigeon

    can i interview anyone #4

    I'd be fine to take part in it I'd just prefer to not use zoom. I don't want to be video or audio recorded and all that. You can send me the questions, though, and I'd love to answer them!
  20. mercurypigeon

    Original species and hybrids

    Firstly, the correct term is "kintype," not "kin." "Kin" on its own is typically associated with those that kin for fun or call themselves "kinnies", both of which are not Otherkin because they choose who their "kins" are, which is not how it works. However, to answer this question removed...