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Search results

  1. Celestial Ascian

    quick poll cause pups indecisive with names

    heres the form:what name suits me better?? idk where this thread would go exactly so if needs to be moved let pup know ^w^
  2. Celestial Ascian

    A cheerful pet says hai!

    Hai! Pup goes by many names, and you can call pup Wolfie, Oliver/Ollie, Puppy, or whatever you really want. Pup uses it/its/pup/pups pronouns and speaks in 3rd person often. Pup is an age-slider, a DID alter that has a fluctuating age. Age-slider covers many different things, but for pup, pup's...
  3. Celestial Ascian

    favorite jewelry/accessories thread

    idk if its just me but certain jewelry just makes me feel soo euphoric for me its mainly kandi bracelets, and a more recent discovery, retro-tech jewelry! its just!! SOOO PWETTY!! i also really like crystal necklaces. i have a labradorite heart-shaped necklace and I love it (its my protection...
  4. Celestial Ascian

    Interesting facts?

    I'm on another information studying binge, so give me your cool or interesting facts! It can be about anything, from your special interests to obscure information not many people know. I just..really like facts lol
  5. Celestial Ascian


    Hello, Dr. A here! I am a latex monster from the game Changed. It's wonderful to meet you all :3
  6. Celestial Ascian

    compliment the person above!

    I wanted a way to make folken's day, so here it is! As the title says, compliment the person above! It can be general, about their kin/theriotype, anything! Lets make some folken smile :3