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  1. Naia

    cglre/agere sfw thread <3

    Hello, While your thread clearly indicates the intention is for safe-for-work age regression discussions, after reviewing the matter with senior staff members of Kinmunity, we have the following concerns with it: Personal information is being requested, in a manner which is potentially against...
  2. Naia

    Hi fellow sonic fan

    Hi fellow sonic fan
  3. Naia

    Contributors on blogs

    Hello; there is a way to do this -- it just hasn't been enabled yet as I am working out the kinks!
  4. Naia

    We're on Discord!

    Please PM me on the site. This is something that requires debugging, as the issue seems to only be effecting certain users. Oops! I forgot to update the link on this thread to point to the Discord association page. I've done that now. Head on over to...
  5. Naia

    Chat System

    We currently have an on-site chat system, Discord, and an IRC channel. This is a high level of redundancy that I'm not exactly sure we need. So, I'm going to leave it up to our members -- what should be done?
  6. Naia

    wisdom of inspirobot

    that's enough wisdom for one day
  7. Naia


    It's been a while since a major update was introduced to the site. Actually, it's been about three months I believe! I think more than enough time has passed and that it's time to introduce some exciting new changes to Kinmunity. Our site has been updated once again, and hopefully will bring you...
  8. Naia

    Major update in progress

    Kinmunity is undergoing a major system update, please pardon the dust.
  9. Naia

    Important Notice

    @Alynna has been given full admin rights (same access as me). She was an original founder of Kinmunity and has stepped up to help with a lot of things. I am going through a lot in my personal life right now and I no longer wish to be the public face of the site. My notority and "fame" if you...
  10. Naia

    The Wolf Girl's Den

    A personal blog where I write about many things.
  11. Naia

    Welcome, Alynna.

    Many of you may not know this, but the original Kinmunity was the brain-child of myself and @Alynna. We founded the original site back in 2014 after the closure of Wulf Howl. The site has gone through many incarnations since then, but ultimately retains the original concepts that Alynna and I...
  12. Naia

    I'm leaving the therian community

    Note: I will continue to administrate and maintain Kinmunity and Wolf Howl, and actively develop them both! After much consideration, I have decided to depart from the greater alterhuman community (including the otherkin and therianthropy communities, respectively) due to a wide variety of...
  13. Naia

    We're on Discord!

    These errors should be fixed, and were a result of members not having access to the Discord account linking system via our internal permissions system. Please try it now~
  14. Naia

    Kinmunity was attacked.

    No. When we change the terms of service, it asks people to go over them again.
  15. Naia

    Kinmunity was attacked.

    There are a lot of ways you can help out. Specifically, the following: If you are an artist, you can contribute artwork to the site. Please PM me directly and I will let you know what is needed. We would like to expand our articles library. If you feel comfortable writing quality articles about...
  16. Naia

    Kinmunity was attacked.

    Today, between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM, Kinmunity was effected by a targeted Distributed Denial of Service Attack against our server. This attack as mitigated by OVH's infrastructure. We have received notification from OVH that the attacks have subsided (recv. 07/29/2020 3:00 AM). However, before...
  17. Naia


    Kinmunity does not support pack recruitment; closing this.
  18. Naia

    Bugs, New Features, and Betas (oh my!)

    Feature Additions New Forum Types Discussion Forums - the classic forum everybody is used to, Kinmunity has always had this forum type. Article Forums - some forums now display in an article-like layout, like the News & Announcement forum! Suggestion Forums - our Suggestion Box now allows...
  19. Naia

    Policy on zoosexuality

    Kinmunity does not support beastiality. We firmly believe that animals are not capable of giving informed consent to sexual activity with human beings. Bestiality is a form of cruel animal abuse, regardless of arguments put forth by zoophiles. This has long-been the position of the Kinmunity...
  20. Naia

    2.2 Beta

    Our theme is not made for 2.2, and this will be corrected after the final release, along with other small bugs