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  1. Cipher

    KinCash Earning has been enabled

    I've heard from some other members that they're unable to post at all because they don't have enough bones - which they can't get unless they post? There may be a few bugs with this.
  2. Cipher

    The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?

    Hm I guess for me it would depend on if I'm defending as my kintype or my profile pic. If I'm my kintype, then I'll be fine haha immortality and such. If I'm defending as my profile pic, could go either way given it's a pretty venomous snake versus a coyote.
  3. Cipher

    ❤♡ Kintype and otherkin memes thread ♡❤

    The angelkin community is like the king of quality memes and ridiculous drama, if I do say so myself. Fallen angel memes take the cake for me, though.