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  1. Shezep

    are there undead kins?

    I think I have seen zombie and ghost kin around, but they're somewhat rare. Good luck!
  2. Shezep


    I'd say stick around as long as it's not doing you any harm. No place is going to be perfect. Even if you are kith and not therian, you still share a lot of the same experiences and can join in on the conversations. The length of time you mentioned shows that it's not just a passing phase...
  3. Shezep

    Needing Information

    It's too bad that our library isn't currently up. There are a lot of words and I probably won't hit on all of them. This is only a brief list because there are a lot of words. I hope others jump in to clarify if I don't get these exactly right. I'd advise reading the other threads in Q&A if you...
  4. Shezep

    The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?

    As a human against a dragon? Maybe with the right gear, which I don't have, so, not a chance. Against my kintype? No problem. Against my profile pic? Maybe not a sure bet, but the chances are good that I'd win. Add crazy acrobatic skills...
  5. Shezep

    New here, just discovered what I am.

    Polymorph isn't really a species, it's an ability that some species have. So, you might want to look around at various shapeshifting types and see what sounds right to you. You could be a spirit-type that doesn't really have a body to begin with. Or there are those who are made of goo like Odo...
  6. Shezep

    Alternate Kin Names?

    The name I use here is just my online name. I don't use my legal name, or even my nick name on sites like these because I don't want random people in RL knowing that I'm otherkin. That could have caused a problem in the job I used to have. My name is the ancient Egyptian word for dawn. Someone...
  7. Shezep

    New here, just discovered what I am.

    Hi and welcome from another polymorph!
  8. Shezep

    Happy Birthday Naia!

    I know you said you didn't want anyone to make a fuss about it, which is why you haven't told anyone, but I've been here on the forum long enough to know the truth.  Have an awesome day! 😄🎂🐺🎉🎈
  9. Shezep

    Ancient Therianthrope Rock Art Found

    44 thousand years puts it at the oldest yet, and it contains pictures of human-animal hybrids.