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  1. Shezep

    What are your thoughts on solitary working?

    I used to belong to various groups, but my style of working is difficult to share with others. How does one do journeywork in a group anyway? I've seen attempts made, but usually everyone just goes their own way and sort of compares notes later. Sometimes the notes coincide to some extent...
  2. Shezep

    The Banned Game

    Banned because you donated more than I did!
  3. Shezep

    The Banned Game

    Banned for looking way too cheerful in that pic
  4. Shezep


    Welcome Rin! Let's see, I'm old enough to be your parent. Actually I have a 17 year old. Not everyone here is a teen, and that's a good thing. I was a pup, er, fledgling, once too. First awakening was in 1987 as an anthro-hawk Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Aquarius rising, but first house is mostly...
  5. Shezep

    Waning Awareness?

    I've been going through this exact same thing. I'm also very seasonally affective, and this year in particular has been depressing, and caused me to shut down and pull back from the spiritual side more than usual. How do I know that my kintype is real? How do I know that the gods I speak to...
  6. Shezep

    Quote yourself

    You can't blorp and apple at the same time.
  7. Shezep

    Any other Witches here besides me?

    I usually think of magic as nudging probabilities. Does that actually work? No way to know for sure especially for one-off events. I like the active prayer explanation too. Does it make me feel better for putting those energies out there? Yes, it does. What are energies? I don't know, but I...
  8. Shezep

    Any other Witches here besides me?

    I used to be in a coven years ago where I was the door warden, hold the sword, challenge/welcome visitors, reinforce the circle when the High Priestess was having an energetically off night, and protect the circle while everyone else did their thing. The job suited me pretty well. Later I...
  9. Shezep

    Hi I'm Questioning my Kintype

    That's the spirit! (y)
  10. Shezep

    Hi I'm Questioning my Kintype

    That's a very human-centric viewpoint. I'm sure moles don't think of themselves as pests.
  11. Shezep

    Not sure where else to put this

    Hard to say, I've heard that some take it well and are able to work with it, and some do not.
  12. Shezep

    New here, little confused

    The terminology article exists, over here: Terminology & Lexicon The articles tab at the top has a few more things in it that might help.
  13. Shezep

    Hi I'm Questioning my Kintype

    Lame kintypes are actually cooler because they're uncommon.
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    Get to 10

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    Get to 10

  16. Shezep

    What are your personal favorite foods!... 🍏🍔🍎

    Steak usually tops the list, but since I've learned how to grill it correctly, I'm now spoiled and won't order it from places that don't know what they're doing. Grilled shrimp is also high on the list. My quick and easy lunch used to be bean burrito smothered in Hatch chili sauce and cheese...
  17. Shezep

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    My spirit became a hawk in a past life, a long time ago. That doesn't mean that it stopped being a spirit though. My spirit has been through many different incarnations and forms, but I don't count all of those as being kintypes, only the ones that made a lasting impression count. The hawk...
  18. Shezep

    Anthropomorphic Animal Therians/Otherkin?

    When I was in high school, before I got into the Egyptian stuff, I primarily thought of myself as an anthro-hawk. It was something of a mental exercise to try to figure out what adaptations would have to be made to slap wings on the back of a human and get it to fly. By the time you get done, it...
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    Any Divinekin folk here?

    @Blitz Hey bro!