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Found 3 results

  1. I feel like I need some sort of guidance and advice on everything that's been happening to me lately, mostly involved with my meditations. I feel like I'm very right and accurate in one moment, but then my doubt kicks in and tells me that it's all in my head. It's an aggressive cycle that can't stop. Because of how over active my mind is, I was never good at meditation. But a month I go, I found out another way to go about it. It was a good thing that I was listening to music at the time, because listening to music I personally like looks like it acts like a catalyst for me. The way I'm meditating is that I focus on the subject on hand and await to see what images or scenes spring up in the darkness. They are barely ever any vivid images or scenes unless I'm close to falling asleep. I need to master the delicate balance of being almost asleep but not asleep to do this. But a few little visions do pop up in my meditation. The way I try to determine if they're real is only if I don't understand at first. In dreams, you usually know what you're looking at, but with these visions, I don't know what they are at first so I have to interpret them as it happens. A few weeks ago, one image I caught were these purple drops falling to the ground. At first I thought they were some sort of flower petals, but then I noticed that they fell and dropped like blood. I then remembered that their blood was a dark purple color. I rely a great deal on tarot cards to determine if I'm correct or not. I swear that the same cards pop up over and over even after I shuffle them well: Page of wands: I noticed that this card shows up to confirm I am right. I am the page in this situation, a beginner/'student' in meditation and past life recall. Another card I keep getting is 8 of wands, meaning a similar thing. I also get justice and temperance very often. I get the card 'the lovers' when asking about my mentor, but I extremely doubt that it has anything to do with romance as well as feeling that it makes zero sense. Instead, I see it as the bond and unity between teacher and student. For some reason, I keep getting the king of pentacles when asking about various individuals which confuses me. A few other funny coincidences is when I got the star twice in a row when I asked a question phrased differently. I was asking if these lights I saw on the wall was just my imagination. I got the star. Reshuffled and reasked the question: the star. Last week after a few hours of meditation, I managed to see how I looked in the mirror. It looked similar to a drawing I did, only real. I really doubt my imagination can do that so well. The tarots confirm I am on the right path. But what other way can I confirm this without using tarot? (Other than pendulums) Lastly, I was busy writing a story of my character and their mentor(unrelated to my mentor but similar). While I was writing it, I heard a very loud airplane outside my house and honestly it sounded like it was about to crash. Never in the 6 years I've lived in this house have I heard a plane SO close. My mom was freaking out as well and asked me if I heard it. It was pretty scary. The irony? I think my mentor in the past life died in a plane crash. When I told my mom this, she believed me. If this isn't a sign, then I obviously don't know what the hell is. I will begrudgingly admit that I am a protoss. (A dark templar/nerazim to be more exact) Their moral, philosophical and spiritual code is EXACTLY like my own beliefs, their homeland resembles my dream scapes and gives me nostalgia, and I always had some sort of appeal to dark, 'shadow like' things/topics that were misunderstood as well as the cloaks/cloth they normally wear. I actually feel more comfortable and confident when wearing things similar to that for as long as I can remember. There are a ton of other reasons as well. I feel like the only way I can make progress is if I admit this for the sake of guidance. I also did not choose this by any means, it chose me. Any advice would be appreciated and I didn't want to make a forum topic about this because this feels more personal and I don't want to draw too much attention to myself. If you've read this whole thing then I thank you. If anyone wants to know more specifics, then you can pm me.
  2. First off, I come from a pretty religious, Christian family. Obviously, being a demonkin in a Christian place is sort of hard. I don't feel welcome and I feel almost alienated by my family. They call demons evil, satanic etc... and I know I am not that way. I feel that there are many different definitions to the word "demon," however I find this hard to explain. Does anyone have any insight on this? Christianity does not jive well with me for this reason, so I have been looking for something. Anything, honestly, that could be a fit for me. Are there any religions that even support Otherkin? I have tried paganism and the like, but something just feels off. Maybe it's my Christian upbringing? I am not sure, but some help and/or support would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Are you a hungry caninekin? Do you have trouble finding what to eat to suit your preferences? Well I have good news for you! I decided to set up a little guide to help newcomers and elders alike to find recipes and foods to match their preferences. Despite this aiming for caninekin, felinekin and other carnivores may find this thread useful as well. Please let me know if any links are broken! Thank you. Remember to eat well. This doesn’t mean just primarily eating meat. Although most canines get their main sources of nutrition from their prey. Many canines eat bits of plant matter and berries to keep their digestive system healthy. Domesticated dogs eat fruits and veggies, as well as kibble. (I don't recommend eating dog food, though.) Wolves eat more than meat too, such as blueberries, cowberries and ash berries. - You might like these tags on the KinFood blog, which hosts lots of recipes for Otherkin. Coyotekin Dogkin Wolfkin Foxkin Wild Dogkin ... And lots more. - Hungry for meat? Look here! Beef and Pork flavored Jerky - $22 Pork Jerky - $20 Beef To-Go Chews - $20 Turkey Sticks - $14 - Treats? Peanut Butter Cookies - $28 Peanut Butter Choc Cookies - $13 12 Paw Print Sugar Cubes -$5 4 Dozen Mini Dog Bone Cookies - $15 Peanut Butter Dog Icecream - $7 Dried Blueberries - $13 Variety of Edible Dog Recipes (auto-play warning.) - [Advice] Want Something Bloody/Messy? Rotisserie Chicken Idea Beets Idea Tomato Idea Don't want to eat actual blood? - Don't like meat? Vegan/Vegetarian Resource List I really hope this helped somebody! Feedback is much appreciated. - Rowan