1. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    Welcome to my second blog! This will focus completely on demonkin and other related kintypes, synpaths, fictotypes, and headmates. Please, suggest topics for me to write about. I've had this blog for a month and this is my first post, so I obviously lack inspiration. I will consider ALL...
  2. theeverchanging

    Anyone want to be friends with an infinite number of people?

    Heyo, we are startatzero. I'm some random guy. But cool nonhuman people come out sometimes. I love folk music and I write stories Come talk to us (please)
  3. A different kind of phantom shift?

    A different kind of phantom shift?

    I been recently have been having urges to pull strings out of my eyes, but that’s physically impossible of course, but when I give in to my urge and “try” to do it I feel the strings but can’t see them, I know there not there but somehow I feel them. I know about phantom shifts but I never heard...
  4. DemonicX

    List of triggers (so far) entry 4

    (Good triggers) 1. Chocolate 2. Urban and electric music 3. Tortillas 4. Fireworks 5. Playing competitive games (Bad triggers) 1. Touching 2. Touching Water 3. Fire 4. Literally any Stressful situation Will update eventually
  5. Being judged entry 3

    Being judged entry 3

    I know a lot of people who judge people before getting to know them, Honestly I’m getting that more than I have before. People love to assume that since I’m error that I like to destroy stuff, no matter what I tell them they just won’t stop talking. But I don’t listen to them, I know who I am...
  6. DemonicX

    (I don’t know what to title this 🤷🏼‍♂️) entry 2

    Sometime today I had this huge shift that made me have a panic attack, it made me remember stuff I did in my past life, it made me feel horrible, I miss my friends from back home so much I know I can’t go to my home, I know that’s impossible but... it still hurts
  7. Regrets entry 1

    Regrets entry 1

    I’m starting to gain Kin memories and it’s really making me regret my decisions back then. I never wanted to hurt Blueberry, I was just scared, I thought I was doing the right thing..... But now I see it was the worst thing I ever done. I still don’t know if he’s even alive. But it’s all in the...
  8. Sidhe Draoi


    I get premonitions about fictional worlds sometimes. So far I've had premonitions about Blue Exorcist, Soul Eater NOT, Slayers, and Dot Hack Sign. I didn't exactly have a premonition about Homestuck but my fantasy characters had parallels with Homestuck trolls. For instance I've always been...
  9. Sidhe Draoi


    In general, Homestuck works or has worked as a prophecy [guide] and an awakening tool for me. Im really curious about other Terezi-kin right now. Ive noticed they exist but they dont have their experiences anywhere that I have been able to locate yet. Anyway.. Otherkin usually has some relation...
  10. Sidhe Draoi

    Not even a complete list, and its always growing, it seems.

    Reasons I am Terezi: My real name [Chelsea] sounds like Terezi. I have an absurdly long tongue. I look and dress like Terezi. [my hair ends up short, and when I straighten it, it always has a curve at the ends like hers. Ive always thought I look like a female version of Karkat and even tried to...
  11. feuspun

    Any Divinekin folk here?

    Are there any Divinekin/Angelkin/Godkin here? I’m looking for fellow Angels and Gods to chat with
  12. Kieran

    Questioning Sayori

    Advice 100% welcome btw! Even after all this time, there are still some things I don't know. Also, it could be nice just to hear "yup, you are this thing" or "I was the same way" if you really feel that way tbh. So, this isn't the first time I've questioned being kin with Sayori from Doki Doki...
  13. Winter'sTouch

    Dragonkin Self Care

    Self care tips: -Hot chocolate -Coffee -warm baths/showers -being high up (loft beds/bunk beds really do it for me) -nests out of blankets -running down hills sometimes triggers really powerful wing shifts -scalemail gloves really help me with species dysphoria -make hurring, growling, purring...
  14. Ravenna Freyasdottir

    Random Alterhuman Health Post

    I will continue updating this as I think of things. Stress Breathe. Meditate. Exercise. Eat comfort foods. Exercise So. If you're like me, a little on the chunky side, and want to lose some weight, boy do I have the things for you. I am a cross-country runner, and run 3+ miles on a daily...
  15. Ravenna Freyasdottir


    This was inspired by @sidereum angelus and will be another WIP Wolf memory: my first hunt. I was a juvie, still learning my place in the formation. My father led us in a charge at a small group of deer, and we singled out an old buck with a lame leg. Mom took me and a few other juvies to run...
  16. Ravenna Freyasdottir

    Stuff I do when I shift

    Hola, Ravenna here! Feeling better by the way. Just needed some time to chill. ON WITH THE BLOG! So I have two main kintypes (may later have more, who knows) but there are very specific things I do when I shift into either. I was inspired by today's cambionkin shift to do this post. Wolfkin: I...
  17. It's about time--a ref, a mirror

    It's about time--a ref, a mirror

    It was a slow day, and that gave me an excuse to work on an unexpected personal piece- something a lot more standard: a sketch ref for the zhu in the mirror! I suppose it's about time, as I've been drawing her a lot (drawing me a lot technically speaking). It started out as a sketch to prepare...
  18. Amber

    Fusion Shift

    This blog entry originally was to document a notable experience that happened to me on June 5th 2019. Back then, I wrote the following: "The title implies a new kind of shift, but I guess you could classify it under the "mental shift" umbrella. Only that in this case it's quite specific...
  19. Hemlock

    HK questioning

    made this ramble for a discord, safekeeping it here. Feel free to react and inject your thoughts. So i'm gonna type up a little paragraph thing to explain my introspection so far, feel free to inject your own thoughts and experiences along. As a note, i am not completely comfortable with the...
  20. sidereum angelus

    Leland's Memory Log

    A designated spot for memories related to Leland. (Angel)