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  1. RowanWolf

    Past Humanity Poll

    I was thinking last night about past life memories, which led me to think about the one memory I have of what I'm almost certain was a past human life, and it got me thinking. How many therians and otherkins have also lived as humans before? As for me, I know I've lived as human before, but I...
  2. Southern_Draconic

    Pandora's Box

    Revisiting my non-human status and this site was much needed. Unfortunately, it's unleashed some massive species dysphoria. It's hard to sleep at night knowing I cannot physically be a dragon. No game has been able to console it. I'm dead broke and cannot afford affirming gear. I only get...
  3. frostfictionkind

    are there things about yourself that you attribute to your kintypes?

    i'm bad at phrasing questions, so lemme elaborate- were/are there any moments in your life that made you think, "wow so that was my kintype peeking through"? things you did or feelings you had when you were younger? things you do now to alleviate dysphoria? personally, i've always felt a...
  4. Prometheus

    Fictionflicker questioning and conclusion

    I'm not sure if other members of these forums experience these, but I have acquired a flickertype after some time being exposed to a specific game and had both the experience of having memories along with identifying as my flickertype (which I'm not entirely sure counts as shifting or not). This...
  5. Prometheus

    My Experience with Fictionflickers

    Just a blog I created to talk about my experiences with fictionflickers.
  6. Illustration61.png


    Art made during a recent strong shift
  7. Who-is-Page

    Otherkin FAQ

    Short answer: No. Long answer: Definitely not. It’s impossible to diagnose an entire, extremely diverse community with a single overarching disorder or disorder symptom, first of all. On top of that, given that many otherkin will openly admit that their beliefs or hypotheses could very well be...
  8. Who-is-Page

    On the Dearth of Otherkin Writings

    The decline of personal writings within the otherkin community is a phenomena spoken of often by older members of the community: gone are the days where most otherkin had a personal website and preferred forum of which to lurk, posting thoughts, anecdotes, and guides based on their own...
  9. Who-is-Page

    On Theriomythics, Divinity, and a Mythical Ternary

    Something that I have noticed about theriomythic identities is that they often straddle the line between the otherkin, therian, and fictionkin community. This is to say that this specific form of identity seems to traditionally be used by individuals who would, on a basic level, be considered to...
  10. Who-is-Page

    Dysphoria; A Personal Transgender, Otherkin Perspective

    Dysphoria is generally categorized as a feeling of deep unease and distress regarding something pertaining to oneself; gender dysphoria is perhaps the most well-known example of a specific form of dysphoria, manifesting as distress due to a gender identity which does not match the individual’s...
  11. galaxy_horse

    Alterhuman Pet Peeves

    I decided to make a list of things that I’ve seen in the otherkin community that irritate me (creative I know /j) Note: I, in no way, hold any ill will or intend any offense to those who relate to anything in this list. 1. Elitism (Part 1) For whatever reason, I’ve seen people with otherkin...
  12. KinBot

    Falsities of Fae

    Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Nyht Myst". We get asked the same question or hear the same comments about fae over and over again to the point it makes our blood boil and we wish we could scream it out to the world that isn't true, its a misconception, a...
  13. Naia

    What's Therianthropy?

    So, what exactly is a therian, anyway? Therianthropy is categorized by a deep integral or personal belief that you, are in some way, a non-human animal. External factors (being hairy, having heightened senses, barking, howling, etc.) are irrelevant to whether you’re a therian or not...
  14. Cipher

    Common Biases

    This is meant to touch on some common biases I see crop up a lot on tumblr, new otherkin, etc. Note that 'bias' doesn't necessarily mean a heavily slanted extreme opinion, but often just an illogical opinion that an argument should not be based on if it wishes to stand firm. Bias is building the...
  15. theeverchanging

    Anyone want to be friends with an infinite number of people?

    Heyo, we are startatzero. I'm some random guy. But cool nonhuman people come out sometimes. I love folk music and I write stories Come talk to us (please)
  16. feuspun

    Any Divinekin folk here?

    Are there any Divinekin/Angelkin/Godkin here? I’m looking for fellow Angels and Gods to chat with
  17. Allos

    Draconity, dragons, and the media

    Dragonkin are a very diverse group of individuals each having their own beliefs and experiences relevant to their own draconity. No one dragon will have the same experiences as another, all have some similarity to each other as to be expected but dragons cannot just be meshed into one group...
  18. Grey

    Introductory Guide to Spiritual Otherkinity

    There are nearly an infinite number of personal spiritual beliefs that are held worldwide to this day. Although personal spiritual beliefs are highly subjective and personal, the rules are hardly “anything goes” when it comes to spiritual Otherkinity. Otherkinity is characterized by identifying...
  19. Grey

    Introductory Guide to Psychological Otherkinity

    An otherkin is someone who, on an integral, non-physical level, identifies as non-human. Psychological otherkinity is for those who believe that the cause of their experiences is partially or wholly the result of psychological or neurological phenomenon. “Psychology” refers to the study of the...
  20. Amber

    The Multiverse hypothesis – a short literature review

    Preface: This article provides background information to the Multiverse of Minds hypothesis. If you'd like additional sources to be reviewed, please comment. I'll try to take a look at them, but it might need some time. Motivation and Scope Considering oneself fictionkin, e.g. being member of...