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  1. celestialspheres


    I am paying attention to my present life. I am living it and I will live on and reach my goals. Of course I will. But ever since my awakening, I feel like I found a piece of myself I have lost without knowing I did. I regained a piece of myself which makes me feel more complete than I ever...
  2. celestialspheres

    What are your ways of regaining memories?

    I would love to remember things in my life among other angels. I want to know who I am, what my role was/is and who I knew there. Surely I won’t remember everything when not in my angelic form, but I want to try. I just don’t know where to start and what to do in order to remember. How did you...
  3. EmeraldGreen

    Choosing a name...

    I am a sleep talker. I have been one for a long time, so long that my parents joke that I literally never stop talking, even while asleep. However, the most interesting part about my sleep talking is that it is never in a language I know, like Polish or English. My mom, the only person who can...
  4. EmeraldGreen

    Finding my identity...

    How I came across the idea of angels on earth. It all started one very sunny day. I had just had the craziest dream, and decided to share it with my best friend, Alec. At the time I thought it was a harry potter dream, though it had little to do with the latter. I was in a large, university...
  5. feuspun

    Any Divinekin folk here?

    Are there any Divinekin/Angelkin/Godkin here? I’m looking for fellow Angels and Gods to chat with
  6. A

    Questioning whether or not I am angelkin

    Hello!  My name is Aspen, I’ve been curious for the past few months on whether I am angelkin or not. I do identify as a wolf dog and fox therian. I have had many mental and phantom shifts. I’ve had more cameo shifts than shifts I have confirmed to be from my known theriotypes.  I’ve had wing...