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Found 3 results

  1. I have a debate-provoking question, and I am curious as to how other therians think mainly. I have my own thoughts on the answer to this question, but I would rather hear others' first, as I am curious if there are any patterns involved and whether it is indicative of the structure of therian personal identity. Of course, I would be happy if non-therian Otherkin also replied, but my primary interest here is what individuals who specifically identify as nonhuman animals think. To identify as something, one would generally presume that there is something that has an identity as which one might identify. (That sounded a bit weird, but mostly I mean that one can identify with things that don't have identities, but generally not as. For instance, one might identify with an old jacket that is left in the mud if one is feeling kind of existential and lonely (that jacket represents well what one is feeling in a very poetic way), but one would not identify as an old jacket that is left in the mud because the jacket has no personal identity. Rather it has characteristics given to it through personification, such as the personality of the individual who owned it or discarded it.) Please include your reasoning if you have looked into the topic or just your feelings/beliefs on the matter, such as what you feel to be the case at your core, regardless if you could mount a defense of it at the moment. Also, please keep things friendly and civil.
  2. Spirit Animal

    (I uploaded this before the crash) A picture I drew to represent my connection with my spirit animal. Drawn in standard pencil on course paper.
  3. My English class is beginning to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. Usually, when we begin to read something inside that class, our teacher creates a powerpoint in order for her students to understand why and how the stories were created. I was definitely very intrigued when I learned Orwell's real name is Eric Blair and that he was a radical Socialist. I was also very interested how he lived in poverty by choice due to feeling guilt for being a British Soldier for a country in turmoil. I've read 1984 and that is actually one of my favorite books that I've ever read! Anyways, I actually wanted to ask what everyone thought of this book if you've read it. I've only gotten past the first chapter due to my ghastly lack of time and so far I definitely do want to read more! I've noticed quite blatantly how much Animal Farm relates to the Bolshevik Revolution (I do know he did write about it. I just didn't realize how genuine and obvious his satire is). It is really interesting how they plotted against Mr. Jones and made vital points about how they were actually more useful than their leader. Unfortunately, I read the first sentence of the second chapter describing how poor Old Major passed away three days later. :c I am anticipating to dive deeper into this book! What is everyone else's thoughts on it?