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Found 12 results

  1. Beaten

    From the album This Is Important Art

    more ventart... nothing too bad happened when i did this, tho i was quite emotional. I felt, as quoted from my writings, "Beaten down. Destroyed. It feels like a was physically beaten down, but the only thing hurt was my heart and mind." So...

    © this is my piece. Do not copy, redistribute or reuse without my permission.

  2. Connections to Art, Music and Life

    Hello, I have yet to meet another kin like myself, I am Apollo and I am looking for my siblings. I feel like this is a good place to start as we all have a fondness for music, art, and spirituality. Mostly I desire to find my sister Artemis, and my father Zeus.
  3. Shard

    One of my two dragon kintypes. I'll redraw this when I'm not half asleep eheh.
  4. Guardian

    Drew this dragon guarding a gemstone of sorts.
  5. Music and Art

    So I've been on this site for like a couple weeks and I haven't really met anyone. That's why I'm making this thread. I'd like to meet some new people, who I have things in common with. So I know we have this on our profiles, but what kind of music do you like? Do you play video games? Can you art? (i can slightly) I actually some of my art in the gallery, so you can look at that if you want, its in the traditional art album. And my favorite bands consists of mainly Green Day, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. (i do listen to a lot of bands tho.) Reply if you want to talk to me more. :)
  6. Kintype Bust

    From the album Kintype Busts

    Just a quick sketch of my kintype I did a moment ago :D Hey everyone! You might not recognize me if you have joined kinmunity in the past year or so... Even if you joined before then, You probably have no idea who I am, since I tend to take reeaaaally long unintentional breaks from kinmunity (whoops). I am Adara, or Adi for short. My main kintype is a white feather dragon, and I am very happy to be getting back into the community again! My art style has improved quite a bit since I last posted, and I would love any constructive criticism you have about this scribble. I know there is a lot of room for improvement! Anyway, That's really all I have to say... I hope you have a wonderful day!
  7. The Touch of the Stars

    From the album Paintings

    The stars have always had a value of hope to me, so touching the stars would be like gaining back hope after being stuck in a dark place for such a long time.

    © x_bluejay_x

  8. Art nouveau mermaid

    From the album My artwork

    Vector drawing I made a few years ago~
  9. Anybody read webcomics? What are your favorites? I used to be really into Homestuck a few years ago, but I'm more chill about it now. Plus, all the hiatuses dampen the enthusiasm somewhat. I'm really into Skin Deep right now; it's about a group of college-aged people who have the ability to become a mythical creature, roughly speaking. It's a bit more complex than that. I recommend giving it a read! Lackadaisy Cats is great; bootlegger cats at large in St. Louis. Warning for some blood and violence. Long hiatuses, but it's worth it for the art quality. Wilde Life is pretty good; man finds himself living in a small town full of the paranormal. If I think of any others I'll share them later.
  10. Kintype Sparring?

    Hi. I've been loving these threads and thought I'd post one myself :D so this might be a dumb idea, but what is your kintype's fighting style? who is your kintype's natural enemy? ally?? i'm an art student and as I was thinking i could draw the coolest idea. -EK
  11. I drew two pixels so far for the shop but I'm planning on making a ton of them. What would you like to see next most? ( I can recolor the dragon all day but I'm waiting until there are a few more badges to balance out the influx before I do. ;P )
  12. Making cat badges

    I really wanna make cat badges for feline kin to submit to the Kincash shop so I'm gonna pursue it. I'm planning on making just the kitty heads. To all felinekin: What breeds of cats would you like to see become badges? I'm already going to be making an american short hair calico (cause thats me!!) but what else should I make? Keep in mind I obviously can't do every cat breed (my hands and arms would fall off), but I'll try to do as many as I can/that Shiro will allow in the shop! I think it'd be really cool to get some kitties in there. :3