1. Dog icon gif

    Dog icon gif

    Cute dog that jumps when click
  2. husky icon gif

    husky icon gif

    You can use it but give me credit too. Matchs my therian type
  3. Dog icon sprite

    Dog icon sprite

    Not for free gif btw
  4. T

    Connections to Art, Music and Life

    Hello, I have yet to meet another kin like myself, I am Apollo and I am looking for my siblings. I feel like this is a good place to start as we all have a fondness for music, art, and spirituality. Mostly I desire to find my sister Artemis, and my father Zeus.
  5. x_bluejay_x

    Music and Art

    So I've been on this site for like a couple weeks and I haven't really met anyone. That's why I'm making this thread. I'd like to meet some new people, who I have things in common with. So I know we have this on our profiles, but what kind of music do you like? Do you play video games? Can you...
  6. ExpansiveKudzu

    Kintype Sparring?

    Hi. I've been loving these threads and thought I'd post one myself :D so this might be a dumb idea, but what is your kintype's fighting style? who is your kintype's natural enemy? ally?? i'm an art student and as I was thinking i could draw the coolest idea. -EK
  7. Emc2

    Favorite Webcomics?

    Anybody read webcomics? What are your favorites? I used to be really into Homestuck a few years ago, but I'm more chill about it now. Plus, all the hiatuses dampen the enthusiasm somewhat. I'm really into Skin Deep right now; it's about a group of college-aged people who have the ability to...
  8. Matthew Quinn

    Making cat badges

    I really wanna make cat badges for feline kin to submit to the Kincash shop so I'm gonna pursue it. I'm planning on making just the kitty heads. To all felinekin: What breeds of cats would you like to see become badges? I'm already going to be making an american short hair calico (cause thats...
  9. AceOfTricks

    What Pixel Badges should I do first?

    I drew two pixels so far for the shop but I'm planning on making a ton of them. What would you like to see next most? ( I can recolor the dragon all day but I'm waiting until there are a few more badges to balance out the influx before I do. ;P )