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  1. Gift for @FoxyAnimations

    Gift for @FoxyAnimations

    A gift for @FoxyAnimations! It's been awhile since I've drawn a fox, and I've never actually played piggy, so this may be bad.
  2. REI'S CAT


    This is how I feel when I shift sometimes. Felt very euphoric to draw this, although it took like 4 hours.
  3. Feelin feral today boys.

    Feelin feral today boys.

    This is an alternate design of my fursona. Had tons of fun drawing this, characters with unrealistic anatomy are always the most fun to draw!
  4. Axel


    One of my ocs! He is a comfort character, and part of the reason I realized I was kin. This image is a bit compressed, i'm posting the better quality version on discord
  5. Talking to the moon.

    Talking to the moon.

    This is a recent OC of mine, Axe. Still a work in progress. It says hello! It's a fox and gazelle mix.
  6. Just my kin

    Just my kin

    Just as the title says
  7. D

    A nice drawing

    Drew this on a bus!
  8. My trendersona!

    My trendersona!

    So recently I've been enlightened to the existence of trendersonas! I have experienced a lot of bullying and anxiety when it comes to my identity, and there are days where it becomes hard to love and accept myself. And so, I made this 'sona' (even though it's legit just me) to practice self love!!
  9. M


    Anyone who’s on FurAffinity, drop your profile links here! I’ve recently started getting more active there, uploading more of my writing there, and as such have redone my profile to make it look a lot better. Yes some of the artwork on there is NSFW, but that’s why there’s a SFW filter too...