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Found 1 result

  1. Prince Alaphraxxas-{Greetings members of the Kinmunity, my name is Alaphraxxas, I am an almighty astral being of my world in the pinnacle of creation, and Lunastre’s soulmate and astral guardian. I may write a few posts around here, though I may not be as active here as Lunastre is.} {That being said however, I would like to ramble on my experiences and knowledge of magic and the astral plane, sparked by a discussion in our dragonkin/draconic server. First of all, the astral plane is a very unknown and dangerous place for the naive and for those who do not know what they are doing, meddling with entities. However, over time, one can be able to control the energies they have within the soul and be able to work with and coincide with the magical energy on the astral plane, though it is not very easy, and takes much practice and dedication.} {The astral plane cannot truly be defined, as it can be a different place for many individuals, I personally see it as a vast realm of mystery and magic where the energies of many beings can coincide, and a place where others can seek to train the magical energy they have within them. As I said before however, the astral plane does not come without its own dangers, as any powerful entity could walk in onto one’s own mind space, and do harm to those who do not properly shield themselves. In the case where one does have to cast away a malicious being, take control of your mind and energy, and let the entity know that they are not welcome within your space. Quite simple really!} {Strengthening your mind and energy is key to improvement, and opening your mind to the new possibilities that lie ahead of your life will help tremendously in your journey throughout.} {These are just ramblings however, feel free to ask more questions if you feel the need to do so, }
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