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Found 4 results

  1. Meditation- Two

    So, meditation. I’ve talked about it’s tough for me, because it is. Anyway, after I discovered a therian/otherkin related post on Tumblr about meditating, I figured I should also meditate. Spiritually, I hadn’t grown at all since I experienced my awakening. Below is my recording since I first meditated until recently. Note that it only speaks of memories I’ve ‘collected’ since I began this. I update this ‘memory bank’ every time I meditate, regardless of what happened during that session. Also, I have to say that there is no completely reliable way to verify these memories. Remember that. memory bank.docx
  2. My Phone Sucks

    Oh my Lord! I hate my phone so much. So, I'm part of a pack and we have regular meetings. My pack isn't just therians and/or otherkin. Anyone can join. Well, we had a howl this last Friday night. We went running in the forest near my house and played at the park until around 9, then we went back to my house and drove to a creek just outside of my town where we had a fire. Well, my phone's sound was on, but it didn't ring when my dad called me. Five times. And then, at 10:45, when an alarm was supposed to go off so we could get home by 11, my phone didn't go off. So we didn't realize it was that late and none of us made it home until it was almost 1 in the morning. My phone never loads anything, either. It lags so much. I get that I live in a slow spot, but seriously?
  3. [Erased]

  4. [Erased]