1. Opossumblossum

    The Dresden Files

    Today a friend recommended The Dresden Files for my next read. She said it's about a private investigator that's also nonchalantly a wizard, and it's hilarious. She also said to avoid the tv series like the plague and just jump straight to the books! I know that disappointment in inaccurate tv...
  2. W

    Has anybody read one of the books of Charles Hoy Fort?

    In his books he attacks the scientists, because they exclude everything that can't be explained by the knowledge they have at this very moment. He says that "supernatural" things (like magick) must be included in science, because everything works only as a whole. He has a really unique style...
  3. SisterSystem

    Book and Movie Suggestions

    Hi there! So I make these [posts] on tumblr that recommend various movies and books to otherkin, and I was wondering if anyone had any books or movies that they love because they feel it represents their kintype/thereotype well? Or maybe just because talking animals are fun to have sometimes...